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Friday, August 25, 2006


Peace! Whew, it has been an extended minute! I build that everyone is in the best of conditions, mentally and physically. Since it's been so long, I had to take it back to the foundation and build on today's mathematics. This is the process that informs my perpective for every day. We in the Nation of Gods and Earths build on these concepts to keep us grounded in the knowledge that we live by. For those new to the cipher, when you see something like "5:14" that means I am referencing the 5th degree in the set of lessons known as the 1 to 14, which is 14 questions and answers between Elijah Muhammad and W.D. Fard.

Peace. Today's Mathematics is wisdom power all being born to god. When conflict arises or an external party attempts to exert influence on a cipher, the Black man with the knowledge of himself has to know whether that influence is beneficial to the cipher and allow it to remain present, or send it away. Within wisdom, one has to weigh the pros and cons of any action in a given situation to determine the best course of action, because once a decision is made, you have to deal with all the consequences, negative or positive, that come with that decision. Kingdoms and civilizations have been built based on one decision and they have been detroyed based on the turn of events stemming from one decision, no matter how large or small. The acceptance of something or the giving of something; saying someting or not saying something; moving forward or stepping back. And when reviewing one's history to renew one's history and looking at Why a situation was born out as it was (wisdom power degree in Alphabet), a lot of times, you can trace the outcome back to one decsion or action that was taken. We make decisions every moment of our lives...even deciding when to think and when not to think, or thinking and focusing on one thing versus another.

For example, many African chiefs who sold their people into slavery for what was seemingly gold probably did not imagine the ramifications of that one decision. Now the foundation of that may have been greed, or they saw the benefit of letting an external party come into their cipher and exert their influence (and they saw the exchange of some Africans as beneficial to the whole collective). They may have seen themselves as different from their own people (a chief versus a common person) and placed less value on their lives ("...The original people call this continent Asia but the Devil calls it Africa to try and divide them. He wants us to think that we're all different."7:14). And that's deep because people may treat others negatively because they see themselves as different (they are not like me so I can treat them this way, or their issue is not as important because we do not have the same position or standing) which breeds seperation, contempt, and feuding.

You always take it back to the foundation regarding when a decision is made that could negatively or positively impact people, because that produces change, and we know that the original Black man who is God is the author of change and therefore has to take into account how a decision made will effect all parties involved in the cipher. Change is hard for many to accept and work through.That is a heavy responsibility, because if God is the foundation of the cipher, then the consequences (negative or positive) of all the decisions that he makes comes back to him.

But also, we know that "the planet Earth, which is the home of Islam is approximately 25,000 miles in circumference. So the wise man of the east (Black man) makes history or Koran to equal his home circumference, a year to every mile..." (1:40). So this also indicates the responsibility that the Black woman has to make sure that her circumference is in tune with the history that the Black man writes and the structure that he sets up. The foundation of that is knowledge, and through his wisdom and power, she integrates that information into herself so that it enhances and furthers her wisdom and power so that she can come in the name of her God.

She has to know what is land and what is water and what dominates her existence ("How much is land? how much is water? 57,255,000 square miles of land; 139,685,000 square miles of water" 5:40)). She has to know what is fluid and what is consistent, and firmly rooted. Water is also a conductor, meaning you use your wisdom to communicate well thought out ideas. You can place something solid in it, and it can travel, if it is constructed properly to float(like a raft) or swim through deeper levels (like a submarine) At the foundation of all bodies of water, is land. At the bottom of oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, streams, bays, and ponds is land. At the root of all things is reason, no matter how deep that ocean is, no matter how much you can't see it. When an object sinks down far to the bottom of the ocean, it travels in dark places, and depending on how deep, the pressure can destroy the object. Black women have miles of oceans to swim through and discover, and when building with the Black man she carries all that exists within those dark places until they travel down deep together, and she alone, to explore, and heal whatever wounds she has so she can stay above water and not implode due to the pressure.

She takes all of that with her as she travels at 1037 1/3 mph ("How fast does our planet travel"...7:40). She spins fast but what keeps her from spinning out of control is the knowledge, the sunlight that keeps her in rotation that she actively recieves on a consistent basis and/ or the knowledge that is stored within her wherever she goes to continue to keep the planet warm, as an environment that is able to produce and sustain life. So she has to make sure that all that she is, her circumference, is in tune with him, and what is taking place in the cipher so that the proper order is lived out every day. This speaks to the operationalization of this concept. God knows what he knows, Earth knows what she knows, they share ideas, and put them in motion for a powerful cipher that is of the order that God has laid down. So the Black woman must also use her wisdom and power to detect external influences and be wise enough to know whether to allow them to impact her or not. Both parties have a responsibility in upholding the order because if one or two is out of tune, then mathematical order cannot take place which breeds misunderstanding. The exchange of wisdom is what assists everyone in seeing what the order is and the impact that it can have, and the general benefit that said order can have on the cipher. If Gods' Koran does not equal out to the Earths' circumference, then then the cipher won't work. The measurement is 1 year to one mile, one being knowledge, which is the foundation. So what we stand on and our principles provide an established commonality and basis to move forward.

When I thought of the wisdom, power, god, and wisdom power degrees in the 1:36, "I came to North America by myself," "He does not know he is my uncle," "Why does he like the Devil," and "Can a Devil fool a muslim?" since today's mathematics borns God, I thought of the importance of brotherhood. Everyone has to walk their own path and they have to live with all of the things they say and do throughout life. Everyone makes their own decision to come to this Nation and everyone makes their own decision to stay or leave. Sometimes you may think you are by yourself but you have family amongst you, people who are willing to put their lives on the line or embark on endeavors with you, but you may not recognize them, because you may not have the same means of communicating or they do not see the wisdom and power that they have because they have not been taught this culture or they may live out this culture but are still working on developing themselves and they may not be ready yet to embark on such endeavors.

It's kind of like on the slaveship. You feel like you are alone because your are surrounded by others who do not speak your language, bear no blood relation, and they may practice a different culture or have different interests. That takes one out of their comfort zone. But wisdom speaks to adapting and adjusting to any situation that is brought forth, being swift and changeable. So there were times when brothers were able to unite under the unified banner of freedom or getting off the slave ship, and found a way to communicate, a place of commonality where they saw each other as brothers united for freedom, and saw the collective power of them joining together as one. Those who were ready to fight did so. Others did not because they were not in the same space mentally, emotionally, socially, or physically.

"He does not know he is my uncle," lets me know that brothers are walking around not knowing who to trust, who is family and who is not, because they are so focused on the differences that they do not see what they have in common. So you have your"uncle" amongst you and they nor you recognize each other. But wisdom is the way and the bridge that connects us to people, places and things, which may call for stepping out and expanding one's network, or approaching someone based on what you see you have in common that can be used to advocate one common cause or to benefit the both of you (coalition building).

A person who does not recognize their own wisdom and power will be drawn to someone elses, the Devil's/ devilishment. So people will "like the Devil" until something else is presented to them that they like better, which may provide an impetus to change and be God. God may not be fooled by the Devil by also heeding the word of his brothers. So if one god has been down a road and they warn another god not to be fooled by what lies ahead, you are given an option because by having the knowledge of the cipher, it provides the choice of whether to continue or not. It presents a fork in the road where prior to, you may have only seen one way. God then make choices according to his own wisdom and power.

When taking back a city ("Why did we take Jerusalem from the Devil? How long ago?..."5:14), one thing that takes place is civilization ("Why did Musa have a hard time civilizing the Devil in the year 2000B.C?...2:14). You have to teach knowledge and wisdom to all of the inhabitants that may already exist there. You have to know who built the city, what that city symblozies, why those people are there, and your right or reason for taking it back, and establish a mode and form of communication and interaction with the people that live there. Why do you want to take the city back? What qualifies you as the rightful owner? Do you want to take back a city or do you want to be a stakeholder in the city (full ownership vs. sharing)? Or do you want to just live there? Is there a possibility of peaceful co-existence? Why or why not? Relationships may be establised through trade, subtle infiltration, bargaining and negotiating, brute force, and treaties and you have to discern what method is best which will produce the impact that you want to see.

When you approach a person or a neighborhood full of people, and want to teach them or positively impact them, you have to know what is already there, so you can know the manner of using your wisdom and power to produce the change that works best for that person, so they can work well within the system. This is a difficult process because not only are you fighting with their conditioned inclination to be savage (no knowledge of self, responding to immediate wants and desires as culture, questionable decision making), once you have attracted them, then they have to embark on the process of fighting the savage within self until it is dead. You and them together have to find out why they are at their current level of existence (cuz they may not know), so that way, everyone knows the source of favorable and unfavorable behaviors that arise. A new way of thinking and being has to be shown that is attractive. Then, a new system is laid out before them (Supreme Mathematics) and they can choose whether to follow it or fight it...whether they see themselves as the same as you or whether they see themselves as different (7:14). Then a struggle can emerge and a victor must be shown and proven, or who's way of life or thought process borns out better results. The loser either submits, leaves, or dies. This takes time and dedication on part of the teacher and the student...dedication of the teacher to see the student grow and develop and dedication of the student to stay the course. A person must see it for themselves because they have to fight those moment to moment battles alone, when no one else is looking.

The negative impact the colored man ("Who is the colored man?"...2:10) has had across the square miles of the planet earth has been profound and in order for the original man to find and cultivate that useful land ("23 million square miles"...7:10) within the original woman, the earth, she has to know the impact of the colored man on her planet, do a self-assessment of all of her square miles ("196,940,000 square miles"...5:10), she has to know what her job is (what the original man wants to use the land for and how he wants to use it...there may be a lot of raw materials there and he has to have a determined idea of the best use) and start and continue to do the hard work of becoming land that is beneficial for the the original man that together shows and proves the power of original people who have the knowledge of themselves.

P.roper E.xecution A.lways C.alls for E.valuation (PEACE)


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