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Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Peace. today's mathematics is understanding cipher all being born to understanding. Understanding is to see things as they are and not what they appear to be. Understanding is symbolic to the Black child, results, perspective, worldview, fruit (which can be sweet or rotten). Understanding is like performing an experiment. You may have an idea or hypothesis (educated guess). Then you try different things to see if your hypothesis is correct by applying what you know (knowledge and wisdom). If you observed a sprint runner and drew up a hypothesis that you can run faster than them (knowledge), in order to test it, you have to race them (wisdom). Whoever wins the race shows and proves whether the hypothesis was correct or not (understanding). If you want to be the fastest runner in the world, you will have to do this many times to build your endurance and speed. You will have to race many people.

Understanding is also having a crystallized when thoughts (vapor) and words (liquid) slow down to a point of being solid and concrete (ice). It is the point of view from which you do things consistently; your frame of reference which informs how you operate. When one has a vision that can be clearly seen, you know what you need to do because you have been through a process of trial and error. At this point, you know what works and what does not.

Understanding is also symbolic to the stars (children). Stars are a certain distance away so they seem to be far, but you can still see them. They are visible to the "naked eye." That represents the potential of the future, which lies within the fruit or children produced. If our children are prepared and instilled with the proper knowledge and wisdom, they will carry the teachings forward. If not, the application of the teachings will die with us.

When one has a vision, they have a strategy and plan to be implemented to produce future results. One must bring their understanding to a cipher (person, place or thing) and develop understanding of a cipher. One must also see the understanding or perspective of a cipher. Our worldview is that the Black man is God, the black woman is the Earth, and the babies are the best part. One must also have a vision of how you want your cipher to be, be it your household, your local NGE community, your living space, your own body, etc. We have to think into the future to live out what we want to see. If you don't see it clearly, you won't execute it properly.



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    Thank you. Will stay with me for... life.


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