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Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Before I start, let me first just say that I am not an apologist, nor do I usually write articles of this nature, however, after doing the knowledge (looking, listening, observing, and respecting) to some people's view points, I feel inclined to say a few things regarding relationships and the NGE in general from my perspective.

Before you ask, I have been in the NGE for 6 years (not long in the grand scheme of things...some folks are in their double digits, but it's nothin to sneeze at either), I have been with the same God for almost 7 years who is very grounded in this way of life, I have traveled to different ciphers and seen and heard various things, I am an active part of my local cipher (community),and I have knowledged 120 degrees, meaning I have been taken through a process where I have studied, learned and memorized the curriculum within our pedagogy. Here goes:

1. If you are goiong to critique or pass judgement upon the NGE, your points are less valid if you have never been in the Nation or have just been exposed. You are on the outside looking in. What little I knew before becoming a part of the NGE were misconceptions that were unfounded and based on my knowledge, experience, and perspective. Just because you may know some Gods and Earths somewhere in some place does not mean you are qualified to speak on our behalf, nor are you qualified to give a truly informed critique. We do have "sympathizers" who are not a part of the NGE, but respect us.

2. Just because you have had a negative experience with a God does not make you an authority on "the Gods." That's just like saying if you have a negative experience with a brotha outside of this culture, that all men aint shit. Some women do that...and it's wrong. On the flip side, just because you have had a positive experience with a God does not mean that every woman has had that, nor does it invalidate some of the love hell and right some women have gone through. HOWEVER, I do think that positive relationships and women's positve experiences are not highlighted enough.

3. I was taught and trained by a black man who knows himself to be God (and not God in a religious sense folks). Yes, in 2010 you can actually learn and grow from Black men! There are men out there who are intelligent, knowledgeable, put family first, and take care of their children. Not all of them are what some would call "deadbeat dads" with no civilization. Yes, I grew as a woman by being taught by a man. It is possible.

4."Mathematics is for everybody, but everybody ain't for it."

5. Is the NGE patriarchical? Yes! There, are you happy? lol...meaning men are the "seven in the center of the sun" who strive to be the foundation for their families and their communities. The first 9 born were what? Men. Though women were present at the beginning and we have our First Born women as well, the men strive to give leadership to their families and communities. Why is that bad? Does that mean that women do not exert leadership? No. If you are a woman in this Nation and have a skill, utilize it! Manifest it! Don't just complain about what you percieve as things we are not able to do. Manifest your equality in order to add on. I have met many women in this nation who are great examples of what? Builders! Within the nation, in their families, in their communities, in their local ciphers, on a regional and national scale, they get it poppin. By being the Earth, you are supposed to be the best woman you can be! But don't come here thinking you are going to change the general framework of how we cee the world. It won't work and you shouldn't do it! We complain so much about Black men not being present in our communities and not taking leadership but when we see an example, we still shit on it. We are so lost...Therefore...

6. If you are a feminist or have feminist leanings, this probably ain't the place for you. Can you still be an empowered woman and be in the NGE? Yes. But if you have a problem with gender roles, you will probably be dis-enchanted. There are things that men do and things that women alot of different cultures across the world. You may hear some statements that may make you, with your particular worldview, cringe. ie "I reflect his light; he taught me; the Earth revolves around the Sun." But if you ain't in it, or had a grounded experience with it, you will just have a misunderstanding. Within God/ Earth relationships, there may be egalitarian nuances where there is shared responsibility, sometimes role reversal (ie the woman works and the man stays home with the children, both people work and decide who is best at what regading the household, etc)and how that is expressed depends on that man and that woman. That leads me to say...

7. If you don't like it, why bother? Being a part of this culture is not about force. People make a choice to be here. You can make your choice not to be here and keep it movin. If it doesn't apply, let it fly.

8. Some people are born to destroy and some people are born to build. Meaning, if you think something is wrong, and you keep criticizing, eventually someone will ask you, "Okay, what is your new system or way of being that actually works? How have you forwarded civilization and humanity based upon your perspective?" And I don't just want to hear about obscure examples ie "Well, in this village, in this country on this continent, they do it this way." This culture was born out of the wilderness of North America. Are your examples applicable to people here, today in this day and time? have you experimented? Do you have proven results of success? What framework will you pass on to your children that is comphrehensive enough for them to pass on? Is your relationship structure working? Are you or have you ever been in a successful relationship?

9. If you are a part of the NGE and you say that our way of life is ISLAM, (I acknowledge that Allah said it is "I Self Lord and Master,"and there are many other acronyms)or if you call yourself a Muslim, do not be surprised if Orthodox Muslims challenge or are offended by your statement. The way I was taught,and what I personally advocate is that I am not a Muslim, I am the Earth. Our way of life is based on Supreme Mathematics, and all of the foundational lessons attached to our 8 point curriculum, in addition to Nation History. Others see it differently based on how they were educated in this way of life. I think it is important to distinguish ourselves, while also acknowledging our commonality with other populations. Allah told us that "we would now be the Nation of Gods and Earths" for a reason.

10. God-Earth relationships have issues just like non God-Earth relationships do. With the Knowledge of Self, we should be able to avoid or have the ability to build through those challenges. Our body of knowledge gives us tools to unlock the keys of life. However, yeah, we got problems in our relationships too...just like you do! Don't judge, when what you got or had goin on ain't sweet

11. We have all heard the phrase " a little bit of knowledge can be dangerous." What do I mean? When people try to pick and choose what is applicable from this culture and mix it with some other stuff. I mean, you are free to do so, but you are taking things out of its historical and cultural context. It only "dilutes, mixes and tampers with" that which you say you respect, and therefore, those who know, will not respect what you are doing. There are many different aspects of culture and to function at its fullest equality, those things are likely to work best together, as a comprehensive framework. When mixing a lil Supreme Mathematics here, a lil laws of Ma'at there, a lil Christianity here, a lil Islam there, some Hip Hop and some shit you made up along the way, you get this mix of...I'm not sure....kinda like a hodgepodge of cultural ambiguity. Many people do it, and I can't stop you, and some people prefer it that way so as not to be defined per say, just be mindful of how you may be perceived by those whose religious or cultural tenants you are plucking things from. This should not be confused with us saying, we study "the science of everything in life." This statement should be manifested as within our curriculum, we learn about various things, and the study also extends to things beyond our curriculum, however, we are or should be grounded in this way of life.

12. All ciphers or communities within this Nation are not the same. We are not a monolithic group. In Christianity, aren't the churches different? Doesn't every mosque have their own nuances? With that said, the experience you have within your cipher does not mean every cipher functions this way. Some ciphers are more traditional and conservative. Others are more liberal. Some people may be more grounded inthis way of life than others.These nuances are likely to be traced back to those who civilized that area or who were key in spreading the knowledge. It's just the way things in a lot of places.

13. Within our framework (or any one for that matter), mental, physical or emotional abuse is unacceptable. That is not what this is. Those who exert this level of abuse, typically, would manifest those qualities anywhere they went and probably were like that before they came.

14. There are some people within this way of life who are not as knowledgeable as they should be, are inconsistent with how they live this out, or their interpreation furthers misconceptions. This dynamic is not unique to the NGE.

15. If you are in the NGE, be mindful of how you reference the Black man being God. I have read some things that sound like we advocate a mystery God, and I was thoroughly confused,like huh? So if I was confused, what do you think someone outside the culture is going to think? This may not be your intent but that is how it comes off. We cannot be so esoteric or in the heavens that we don't distill the knowledge back down and show and prove the practical applications of how the Black man is God on the planet Earth each and every day, each and every way. "Allah is God in THE EARTH AND HEAVENS and he is just and true and there is no unrighteuosness in him. But he is not unseen, he is seen and heard everywhere, for he is the all eye seeing."

16. Every group whether it is a culture, religion etc has its successes and benefits and challenges amongst those who are a part of said group or in the eyes of the general population, outside of said group. So before you throw stones, make sure you don't have one comin your way gettin ready to knock you upside your head...


I Medina Peaceful Earth

Monday, May 10, 2010


Peace! Bearing life and raising my sun has been a great learning experience. My sun is my master work and I am so glad to raise him. Here are some things I've learned from my pregnancy and taking care of him thus far.

1. Do not buy into being the emotional crazy pregnant lady! The power of conditioning is real...meaning,if you keep hearing that when you are pregnant you will be a raging lunatic, it is likely that you will think that behavior is expected and acceptable. Every woman is different and your hormonal levels are more swift and changeable throughout that time, however, I had the ability to maintain control. In fact, folks were telling me how kind and peaceful I was. The only time I was tempted to go off was when I was nauseated, and someone said or did something annoying. Of course you're gonna have a short fuse when you're nauseous! But I still kept it together. And if you have Supreme Mathematics, you have even less of an excuse to go crazy. Even if you're preggers, you know knowledge comes before wisdom! You might become a little forgetful though.

2. So-called "morning sickness" (which should be re-named 24 hour nausea)and cravings are relative. Some women are sicker than others. My nausea was non-stop all day every day for months, but I never vomited. Some women vomit several times a day. Some women do not get morning sickness. If you do get morning sickness, do not feel guilty about not being able to do all of the things you usually do, or moving a little slower. I mean, it feels like you have the stomach flu! Do you still do everything while you have the stomach flu or do you get some rest and relax? I never got super hungry during my pregnancy, nor did I crave pickles and ice cream, but man did I want I nice juicy steak...and I haven't eaten beef in like 6 years! When I thought about food, half the time I was thinkin about beef, but I resisted the urge.

3. I did not have to buy any maternity clothes. Why? because I dress modestly. Being Refined and Fly saved me money!

4.The kind of birth you have (natural or epidural; home birth, birthing center, or hospital...I recommend watching "The Business of Being Born" and "Orgasmic Birth"), if you are going to circumcise (if you have a son), how long you are taking off from work (if you are a working mother)and whether or not you are going to vaccinate your children (a good resource for vaccination info is "The Vaccine Book" by RobertW. Sears) are personal decisions that you as a parent must make and you and your child must live with. It's one thing to have a theoretical perspective. It's another thing to live out that reality and be faced with some tough decisions. Do the knowledge, research, talk to people who can offer you sound advice and make an informed decision. I don't judge.

5. Taking classes and reading books about childbirth and newborn care are helpful, however, it's more of a learning on the job situation. Nothing truly prepared me for what I experienced during birth, and it will probably be or feel like nothing you have experienced in your life. For me, taking care of a newborn is not difficult, but it takes ENDURANCE. You really do have to be okay with not getting much rest. And if you're a working mother like me...sheesh! However, you will find your rhythm and you will get used to it.

6.Let's not downplay the role of stay at home moms(whether its for 6 weeks or 2 years). Let's not act like sisters are just sittin on their asses all day (at least sisters who strive to be responsive mothers). Being fully present and essentially revolving around an unpredictable little being who spits up, urinates, and defficates in the diaper and on you, your carpet, in the car, in the onesie (you get the picture) can be a lot of work. Will you always get everything done? No. Plus, at least in the beginning, brestfeeding makes you SLEEPY. But can you go to sleep? No.

7. Though your child has been inside of you for almost a year, when they come out, there is a "getting to know you" adjustment period. You have to learn each other. Every child's demeanor isn't the same. Some are very active and need a lot of attention and cry alot. Some are real chill and you can put them down anywhere and they're cool. Some want to be on you at every moment of the day. Some are a mixture of these things at different times or different points of their development. Don't have any expectations, except being ready to ride the waves with your life jacket on!

8. A good pediatrician and one of those books detailing the first year of life (there are several) don't hurt. "Your Baby's First Year" by the American Academy of Pediatrics has been quite helpful.

9. One of the best most natural things you can do for you and your baby is breastfeed. Combined with the birth, and a primarily vegan diet(with the exception of some fish), I lost 35 pds in 2-3weeks! I got a fever sometime in the first week I gave birth. The midwives told me to breastfeed and that bad boy was gone by the morning with no medication, herbs, nothing. Your baby is getting everything he needs...from you! That is the beautiful synergy taking place between you and your child. You make enough milk for them (your supply meets their demand)and your milk production will be in tune with his eating habits. Plus, it's a real opportunity to bond. Sing to him, talk to him (minimize the baby talk).I will say that having been back at work for 3 weeks, pumping at work takes diligence. I have to remember to pump 3 times a day in the midst of a busy work environment. When I am tempted to miss a session, I remember my sun is relying on me to eat to live, and that's all it takes!

10. You will learn the art of making choices. When your child takes a nap, you will have to chose whether to sleep, shower, cook&eat, clean, or do some level of work you may need to do. I'm typing this post at 4am (and yes I have to get up at 7:45am for work tomorrow). You learn to operate on a differnt schedule. Every thing may not get done every day...and it's okay. Do the best you can.

11. You really will learn all of your child's crys and what all their little mannerisms mean. You will feel very triumphant at accomplishing this...and you should be! It's a milestone.

12. If you are having a baby shower (or if you do like we did and have something after the child is born so people can meet the baby and also give gifts), don't request too much newborn clothing. They will grow out of that fast, if they are able to fit it at all when they are born. You should ask for ALL of the following size ranges. 0-3months, 3-6, and 6-9months.

13. You may obsess about little things and you will think how he kicked his foot or punched the air or a look in his eyes is the greatest event in the world. If you are at home with your child, this will dominate most of your conversation, along with other things going on with the baby.

14. Going back to work, baby withdrawl is real. You may look at pictures. You may call the person taking care of your child often. You may cry. The highlight of your day will be reuniting with your baby. What helps me remain sane is that the person taking care of my son is a friend I have known for a long time who I trust and love. She knows my wishes, what I advocate and does what I ask. She sends me pictue mail and texts me when little cute things happen. It's a collaboration...and I know she loves hime too! Make sure, whether it's a friend, family, or a daycare center that you sit and talk business before hand. Just because you know someone doesn't mean you know how they take care of children.

15. You will become a fierce protector of your child. You will kill anyone who trys to harm them and you will give your life for them

16. Check the weather daily

17. Build in extra time when you have to go places (and you may still be late). He may throw up on you when you're on the way out the door, he may be hungry and require an extra feeding, he may urinate or defficate (or both) through the diaper and all over his nice outfit, etc. Put at least one extra outfit in the diaper bag.

18.Be patient with yourself and your child. You pretty much are on their schedule until you are effectively able to teach and train them through repitition, consistency, and culture.

19.Both parents must WORK TOGETHER! Establish a flow and synergy enabling you both to be able to get things done

20.Enjoy every moment, every day, every week, month and year...and take lots of pictures!

Feel free to add on!


I Medina Peaceful Earth

Thursday, May 06, 2010


Peace and welcome back to me! I've been on an extended hiatus, having taken the time to be pregnant and have my first born son! But Refined and Fly is back like I never left with so much to share. So in honor of my return, I'll share what was keeping me away from all of birth story...

Rewind to Monday, February 15, 2010. I am officially 42 weeks pregnant according to my first sonogram. My son was not ready to make his debut just yet. I had a few lite contractions here and there a few weeks earlier but nothing serious. The accepted time span for a safe birth is between 37 and 42 weeks. February 15 was the deadline.

I had been recieving all of my prenatal care from The Midwife Center for Birth and Women's Health in Pittsburgh, PA and intended on giving birth there. I took the newborn care, breastfeeding, and childbirth classes. I had a normal complications. I did everything right. I even had a couple sonograms for good measure. I had a doula and my videographer was on notice. Transportation plan was made. Car seat was set up in the vehicle. I wanted to have my child in the ocean room. I wanted to do my breathing, grunting and yelling in the jacuzzi they offer. I made my birth cd and prepared my birth plan. My bag was packed. I was ready.

He was not.

At 41 weeks, the midwives recommended I do a non stress test and sonogram at the hospital to make sure he was okay. He was fine. Now mind you, my due date had changed a few times. According to the first day of my menstrual cycle, he would have been due on Feb 13th. Then at my prenatal appointment, i was told I miscounted and he was due Feb 6. At another appointment, I was told I counted correctly and he was indeed due on Feb 13. Then I have my second sonogram, and now he's due Feb 2! Since I know this is not an exact science, I just figured some time in February. When they started talkin deadlines in late January, I stated I thought my due date might be wrong and that it may in fact be Feb 13 since he hadn't come yet and an expectant mother feels things. I just didn't feel like he was ready yet.

Back to Feb 15, and I'm back at the hospital for more testing. No problems. Just so happens that one of the midwives is there so she takes some time to talk with me.

So the midwife is telling me my options. Unfortunately, if the pregnancy goes beyond 42 weeks (aka the next day), I would not be able to have my child at the birthing center and would have to come to the hospital the following evening Feb 16 at 10pm for cervical stimulation and induction the morning of the 17th (I could have decided not to be induced and wait it out a little more, but still no birthing center at that point). My dream of having a natural birthing center birth started crashing down.

I waddled to the bathroom and cried.

She said she understood how I felt and she would cry too if she were in my position. She knew how badly I wanted to have a natural birth at the birthing center. She gently reinforced my options.

I knew what I had to do.

I was under the gun and time was ticking. I was determined to do things my way, or to give all I have and all within my power to create the birthing experience I had envisioned. Then, I figured, if I did what I could and nothin worked, I would be at peace with whatever happened next. You have to understand...after seeing The Business of Being Born and Orgasmic Birth all I wanted was a natural birth. It was the midwife center or bust.

I had a matter of hours to make somethin happen.

One of my sister-Earths out here in Power Born (Pittsburgh, PA) told me how she used blue and black cohosh to naturaly induce. I called one of the Earths Scihonor Devotion to obtain the process for using the herbs. I called our local elder Earth Queen Shamika for more guidance. She essentially said do what ya gotta do (within reason). You do not want induction. We were in agreement. I started taking the herbs in intervals at 8pm and did so for 5 or 6 hours and gave it till the morning to work.

The night comes and goes with no drama so I reosrt to what I had been dreading but was resigned to do if I needed to...

Castor oil.

Why castor oil? Ask one of your old school aunties and she'll run it down. Lets just say it gets EVERYTHING out of you and in the meantime,stimulates contractions. I started taking the castor oil with orange juice and started walking up and down the stairs. Taking the castor oil is no joke! I'll just say be prepared for a very uncomfortable day, but it gets the job done!

I start seeing results, though they are small, but good signs of progress. By now I call the birthing center. It's about noon. 10 hours till the deadline. I ask them if we can come in so they can do something to naturally move this process along. Sure.

I get to the midwife center around 2pm. They sweep my cervix (VERY uncomfortable...imagine a pap smear times 5) and we start the breastpumping and walking up and down the stairs. After a few hours of this, I go from being 1 cm dilated to 3 or 4 cm. We were there till about 7 OR 8pm. I am having regular contractions. Unfortunately, they aren't long or strong enough so they had to send me home TO get some rest (are you can I rest while having contractions lol) and if things were to pick up, I should give them a call. The good news is, we bought ourselves some time. They gave me till the morning to have to go to the hospital. I had to go into active labor tonight!

We get back to our apartment and I lay down. After about 30 minutes, my water broke!

What followed was something I've never felt...

Intense physical focused PAIN.

Now the car is just down some stairs and right outside (mind you, we just missed the snowstorm and its still slippery outside with lots of snow), but when you are having contractions, it feels like its 10 miles away. I just wanted to be teleported into the jacuzzi. Everytime I had a contraction, I was frozen and could not move. Braxton Hicks contractions ain't had nothin on this.

We finally get to the car. I'm in the car with two Gods having a conversation (my God, Masiah's father, and one of my bros). I'm in the passenger seat. I'm listening or talking with them, then all of a sudden OOOOOOOOOOOH! I'm grabbing anything I can get my hands on, twisting and turning in my seat. They continue their conversation. Do not even think about driving if you are in labor. You are likely to cause serious harm to yourself and innocent pedestrians. We finally park the car, and though the midwife center is a half a block away, again, it feels like 10 miles. With each contraction, I stop walking and grab the God's coat to support myself from my knees buckling.

I finally made it to the ocean room. It was 10:30pm.

I intended on wearing a tank top and skirt during the labor due to it being videotaped for my mother in California. That went out the window. In 10 seconds, my clothes were on the floor and I was in the jacuzzi.

Jets on my back...aaah

Now the jacuzzi was cool but that was only a little relief that came to my aid. I was having what's called back labor, where most of the pain is in my back, mixed with some abdominal pain.

I do not remember what the pain felt like. I cannot really describe it. I suppose it felt like horses were tied to my back muscles and they were all running in opposite directions. My mother's first child's labor was the same way...back labor.

It was the worst pain I ever experienced in my life.

I breathed deep. I grunted. I screamed like I was dyin! And in beween contractions, I either did a short monologue into the camera or fell asleep. It's hard to imagine being able to sleep for 3 minutes in between all that pain, but that little bit of time is heaven on Earth. A contraction is like someone riding a bike up, then down a hill. it starts, reaches its peak of pain, then decreases to nothing. The birthing center does not offer epidurals, which is one reason why I chose them, just in case I was tempted by the pain. A small part of me was. Well, maybe bigger than small.

"I don't know if I can do this!"
"Is there something you can do?!"
"When is this going to be over?"
"Please, I just need a 15 minute break."

I remember saying all of these things. My bros upstairs were wondering if I was okay due to all the nosie I was making. I didn't care what I said or did, though I didn't curse anybody out and remained fairly polite for my condition. My God was the best birthing coach I could ask for. He remained calm and encouraging. He helped me through it.

But when you are in labor, though you may be surrounded by supportive people, it's you and the baby. The child is the understanding being born through you and it is your responsibility to get him out safely. Once the process starts, it does not stop.

By this time, I had to use the bathroom and got out of te jacuzzi. They took it as my cue to permanently get out. I wasn't read yet but I went with the flow. A minute or so later, it was time to get on the bed and push.

My birth cd was playing, which truthfully, I couldn't focus on too much due to the pain. It just sounded like some faint background music that I heard every once in a while...I think while my contractions stopped. However, as my son was crowning, Queen Shamika's song, "3rd Rock from the Sun," about what it means to be the Earth from my mixtape came on. That was really the only song I heard all night and was just what I needed to hear at that time. I focused on the song, who I was, and what I was there to do. I focused on my name. I focused on being a mama warrior

This is what women have done for thousands of years and I am a part of this universal continuum, walking into another level of womanhood...motherhood.

30 minutes after I started pushing, my son had arrived at 1:30am. 12 hours since my first contraction, with 3 hours of active labor& 30 min of pushing.

No epidural, no petocin, no drugs

9 pounds, 8oz, 21 and 1/2 inches long, with a head full of hair and healthy

My big beautiful shining star.

The most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

My prince who will one day be king...Masiah I-Culture Beneficent Allah

A great human leader, a servant of his people, at one with his culture bringing the gift of knowledge, and ruler of his universe...a king amongst kings, his brothers.

As mentally and physically challenging as it was, I wouldn't have had it any other way.

He was worth it.

Peace and welcome back

I Medina Peaceful Earth

Thursday, June 04, 2009


Peace! My mixtape "Eyewitness" is finally done! So many years in the making (but it really took a good 4 months of concentrated effort) and I am so proud of this project! It's fire for real! It will be ready for sale by next weekend. For the Gods and Earths, I will have copies on hand at the Show and Prove in Mecca (Harlem, NY). I'm setting up a paypal account for those who I will not be able to physically reach so I can send you one in the mail, and I'll be getting them in some local stores in Pittsburgh. But I will always have copies on me. If ur interested and want a cd, hit me at

This was my vision and it's exactly how I wanted it to be. If I wasn't using other people's beats, this would definitely be considered an album. Thanks to everyone who featured and those who added on to make this happen.


I Medina/ Angel Eye

Monday, April 13, 2009


Peace. You know a popular adage is that you should live life without regrets. To that, I say hah! Easier said than done. The important thing is not to wallow in them, but I think it is natural to go through life and do some things that had you more knowledge, wisdom or understanding, you would have done differently. So the other day, I was reading the Harvard Business review and there was an article "Go Ahead, Have Regrets." Below are some points that I took into account.

-"The most successful people have been those resolute in the face of failure

-Instead of ruminating what might have been, let what happened point the way. The regret you feel from a frank re-appraisal of your decision making need not undermine your self-confidence. Use regret to improve decision making and clarify values.

-Balance regret and risk. Instead of choosing a less risky option that you are least likely to regret, choose the one that will maximize your chance of reaching realistic goals."

Maybe the key is not to live in regret, to not make a temporary space like regret your home, because you cannot change the past. You can only prevent it from re-occurring...if the lesson has been learned.

WAR AND PEACE (the name of one of the songs on my mixtape)

*Also here's a what I call an "Embrace the Message, Not the Messenger" quote I found in Newsweek that I found to be applicable:

"Whoever thinks that he will achieve something by way of concessions, no, he will only invite more pressure and more wars. If you want peace, prepare for war."
-Avigdor Lieberman, Israeli Foreign Minister

My name, I Medina Peaceful Earth, specifically focusing on the "Medina Peaceful" embodies the essence of this quote. It is a constant process to find peace, and often times you have to fight for it. You can't suppress the chaos or confusion or opposing side (if you try, it will only work for a little while). Eventually, your opponent will rear it's ugly head and you will have to face it. You will have to fight. And if you have the right tools or strategy, you will win. Peace is not constant (though we want it to be). Nothing really is except change. Peace is temporary because in life we are constantly challenged or constantly challenging ourselves, therefore, the process for maintaining peace becomes what is constant. You struggle to maintain your balance when you get thrown curve balls. You have challenges and you work them out. You achieve the peace, you may remain in that space for a while, and then you have another battle. For example, there have been empires that were in ages of peace and prosperity, but someone who was jealous, envious or simply wanted what they had tried to invade. Sometimes you have internal battles and you have external battles (people who may want your peace because you have what they think they have been looking for). I suppose the battle is not one we should fear, but view it as an opportunity for growth, to get stronger, better, faster and more efficient.

Not easy, but necessary


I Medina Peaceful Earth

Monday, April 06, 2009


Peace! I arranged a business trip with a couple of co-workers to California to visit these dynamic organizations. If you work with youth or within the social justice area and need some ideas or inspiration, check out the web-sites to these great orgs. They are doing great work and have really good, innovative creative models. We are hittin up everywhere accept the People's Grocery (boo...I want to go there so badly! A People's Grocery is needed in so many neighborhoods without proper access to organic produce). All of these places are in Oakland, CA. It was pretty easy to arrange visits with everybody (most people we are meeting with are Executive staff)...just give them a call or email and be persistent. With all the drama goin on out there, there are some positive things happening. I am truly proud to be from the Bay!

I Medina

1) School of Unity and Liberation (SOUL)

Focus of Org: youth leadership development, youth organizing, trainings on social justice issues. Curriculum manuals for sale

2) Youth Uprising-

Focus of Org: comprehensive youth centered facility and programming (Performing Arts, modeling, Career Exploration, GED Prep, Personal Development, Neighborhood Unity, Youth Leadership)

3) Leadership Excellence

Focus of Org: Freedom school, Sister Circle, Brother Circle, Youth Leadership, Summer Camp, Trip to Africa

4) Silence the Violence/ Urban Peace Movement

Focus of Org: Utilizing the arts to bring youth in different neighborhoods together, Turf Unity Project

5) Art in Action/ Green for All-April 9, 12:30pm (check out user guide)

Focus of Org: Utilizing the arts to bring youth in different neighborhoods together (Art in Action) and Resources for community campaigning, strategy, and implementation of Stimulus Bill (Green for All).

6) Ella Baker Center for Human Rights

Focus of Org: Books Not Bars (Juvenile justice), Green Collar Jobs Campaign, Soul of the City (community education, ecological sustainability, community leadership), Silence the Violence (it emerged from the Ella Baker Center but is now its’ own entity), Bay Area Police Watch

7) People’s Grocery-

Focus of Org: Innovative means of supplying organic locally grown produce to neighborhood residents of West Oakland, youth staff and youth led workshops, Nutritional Cooking classes, community education

8) Youth Together

Focus of Org: utilizes four main programs to meet our mission: 1.) Youth Together Student Teams: Youth Together operates student organizing clubs on six school campuses to develop student leadership skills, multiracial solidarity, and to improve school conditions. 2.) School-Based One Land, One People Youth Centers/Collaboratives: Youth Together operates multi-service collaboratives and youth centers on high school campuses. 3.) Community-Based Youth Centers/Collaboratives: Youth Together advocates and organizes for community based multi-service collaboratives and centers and partners with local officials to design, plan, and develop these centers. 4.) Regional Programming: Youth Together provides regional programming to core youth leaders and is the lead member of the ODB network, a regional network of youth-serving organizations working to improve a variety of issues which impact the areas’ young people

Peace! Okay, so today was supposed to be the day that my mixtape drops, but we are lookin at May. We're having some tech issues with the computer in the studio and I'll be out of town for 2 weeks out of this month. The good news is that I'm almost at the finish line...3 more tracks, a lil mix, a lil master, guerrilla style the duplication and voila! It will be ready to get in your hands. So as the 80s song says...Don't you...forget about me! This is not a 52 fake out move! This is not a vague "coming soon" in disguise!

I'll be back soon


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wisdom Culture and To Be Blind, Deaf and Dumb
*This post was originally written yesterday, March 24, 2009


Peace. Today's mathematics is wisdom(2) culture (4) all being born to equality (6). One's way of life is the culmination of things you say and do, and when you connect those two principles, you see what you are capable of. Your wisdom and your culture should be consistent with each other. It's like you're doing stairs. Each step you take is 1 action, 1 form of wisdom. Keep climbing stairs consistently (culture) and you'll see your legs get all toned up (equality).When you look at yourself, and if you realize you are not as balanced as you could be, you are not applying yourself the way you should be, you are not being all that you can be, your wisdom and your culture may provide important signs or indicators for you. If the things you are doing consistently ain't addin up to success, look at your wisdom. If your wisdom ain't right, your culture will reflect the dysfunction, and vice versa on the positive side of that.

Since wisdom comes after knowledge, you have to have a wilingness, motivation or will, to manifest what it is that you have put your ideas into implementation, and to consistently put them into practice to see what you are made see if what you have to offer is something those around you will benefit from. The wisdom culture degree in the 1-40 asks "What was his idea of making devil?" Applying the degree to myself, "I ask what is my idea of achieving my goals?" When asking yourself this question, one has to be honest about your level of equality...what are your strengths? What are you limitations or challenges...things you need to improve. What are your patterns? Some of our worst roadblocks are the ones we set up for ourselves. They are often the most difficult to move because no one is holding a "sword over our heads" threatening to "take off our head" if we don't fix things. These are often things that we do or don't do that get in our way. Though many of us say we don't need a sword over our heads, or a big stick, or a battery in our back to be productive, some people (whether admitting it or not) do.

My self-acknowledged pattern is that in my comfort zone, I do things in phases. I may be really on writing raps for a while, then I'll stop. I may switich to writing articles for a while. Then I may stop. I may write poems for a while, then I'll stop. Looking at myself today, I don't place a moral judgement on this behavior. I don't consider it to be good or bad. It's all in one's perspective. On the one hand, I can look at it as me valuing a changing environment and responding to my internal clock of when I should and shouldn't be doing something. When I am focused on something, I do it well. On the other hand, those behaviors can hinder my progress. When I'm not focused on something, its almost like it doesn't exist! AKA single minded tunnel vision! Sometimes with equality, your biggest strengths, can be a "weakness" when applied to a different cipher or situation. Many concepts are dichotomous (up/down, left/right, etc.). With many things, there are extremes, 2 sides of the same coin. How I draw this up through today's mathematics is I have asked myself if that pattern of stop and go is conducive to my goals.

Once I realized the answer is "emphatically no," then I had to take control in retraining myself. I am setting and meeting deadlines, pursuing opportunities, creating opprtunities, and not allowing any real or self-perceived "unknowns" to hold me back. I am doing better at balancing my ciphers, completing my personal goals (I have no trouble completing things for other people), applying my own level of pressure to me so that I can make diamonds and not bust pipes. I am taking the plunge and am setting out to do some things I never saw myself doing. I still have a ways to go, but through my consistent application of this change, I will see the equality in me, and so will other people.

When you allow unknowns to hold you (i.e."this could go wrong," and other negative self-talk), you place a limitation on your own equality. Everything starts with knowledge, an idea, or your mental state. So if you tell yourself its not gonna work then it probably won't because you will not "give all that you have and all within your power" to make it work because you see the failure before the success. When this way of thinking becomes culture (you do it all the time), you never really see the greatness of all you can be. I am learning that risks are on the pathway to success and sometimes you may lose, but those losses should build up your knowledge and wisdom so you will be more likely to win the next time because you have applied those lessons to your life. We all have heard the phrase, "Life is like a chess game," and though I am nowhere near a pro, I tend to avoid taking risks on the chess board. Once I learned that about myself, I am learning to balance myself out by learning to take calculated least with some things. You gotta take steps right? And the more I take those steps, that will create the culture of exploring different avenues and furthering myself. There are lots of companies that after "years months and days", had to bring in a new CEO or implement strategic planning that turned everything upside down, or the CEO and board fired everybody and started over. Some of them never recovered and some of them grew in leaps and bounds. Sometimes you have to put all your cards on the table and see what you'll get or else you'll never know, and sometimes, not knowing can be worse than trying and failing. That's how lots of people end up living with regrets. You may receive a penalty or reward, but the justice you get is partially linked to my next topic...


The wisdom culture degree in the 1-36 states "well they were made blind, deaf and dumb by the devil when they were babies." Now guess what? You don't have to be a complete idiot in order to be blind, deaf and dumb. You don't have to be a complete "savage in pursuit of happiness." I don't have an elitist attitude toward the "85%" because I was of the same mentality (that is what I consider the 85, 10, and 5 % to be...mentalities, that many people can embody at different times) and I recovered. In some ways, I'm still recovering...I'm still growing. I don't think I'm better than anybody, I am just at a different point of the spectrum that has proven to be beneficial for me and those around me.

Some people who have a wealth of information are still blind, deaf and dumb. We know knowledge is the foundation for everything in existence and some people say that it is infinite (I personally do not ascribe to that...there is a lot of information out there and a lot that you can learn, but that doesn't mean you stand on it. That doesn't mean that that knowledge dictates your actions or is the foundation of your existence. Is everything you know your foundation? Is all the knowledge in the world a part of what motivates you to do and be? Like I said, that's my personal vantage point ),however knowledge is the first step! How I define being blind, deaf, and dumb is quite simple cuz Allah said to "keep it simple and teach it real" right?:

Blind- you do not see all that you need to see. Your sight may be skewed which can effect how you percieve your surroundings. Your vision may be limited

Deaf-you do not or have not heard all that you need to hear, due to lack of exposure (someone hasn't said it to you yet) or stubborness (someone keeps telling you and you refuse to listen and activate upon that which you've heard)

Dumb-you do not have the proper understanding to process a situation, internalize a lesson, or produce success. Even looking at kids, when they call another kid "dumb," it's usually because they lack understanding or comprehension in a certain area. The message isn't getting through yet. Or a person says or does poorly judged things or statements.

There are lots of different types of people who can fall victim to this (people who know a lot, people who consider themselves to be good people, people who seem to have it all together), and in some instances, these three traits can be situational (You ever met a woman who has it going on, educated, great job, etc, but makes the worst choices when it comes to relationships...she hasn't seen, heard or have an undersanding of the right things regarding that cipher which produces failure instead of success). Being "blind, deaf and dumb" ain't just reserved for so-called pork eatin, perm havin folks who yell at their kids! You might be someone who knows a lot but doesn't have a lot of money or is not in the position you want to be in in life. You still haven't gotten "there" and you don't understand why. Or you may have no clue of where "there" is and how to get "there." What are the elements that are stopping you from achieving your goals?

These terms can be taken offensively or may sound harsh, but when you look at them beyond "face value," and honestly assess yourself, and all that you are, and all that you want to do and be, you have to ask if any of these terms are applicable to any aspect of your efforts. I don't view these terms offensively anymore. I view them in a dichotomous manner or as issues that I need to remedy. If I am blind, how or what do I need to see? If I am deaf, what do I need to hear? If I am dumb, what understanding do I need to come to that has not crystalized yet? Being blind, deaf and dumb is similar to walking around in a haze. To see, hear and understand aids in giving you the tools to interact within your environment properly to be "successful in you undertakings."


I Medina Peaceful Earth