Refined and Fly

Monday, July 31, 2006


Today's mathematics is understanding knowledge all being born to culture. When trying to convey an idea to bring about a level of understanding that people will implement into their every day lives, you may have to appeal to multiple intelligences. Some people are visual learners and have to actually see something occur in order to think that it may be true or worth considering. I will not "believe" that dogs fly until I see one flying, and even then, I would have to look at that dog as the exception, not the rule, until every dog I saw had the ability to fly.

When presenting facts regarding some of the dangers of meat, one may not take to knowledge alone, but may need another representation of said information to bring it all together. Videos can be effective in that it stimulates at least 2 senses (sight and sound) and they stimulate other thoughts, patterns, and pictures. Enclosed is a web-site I was sent through a list serve that has about a 20 minute video on how different animals are treated on the way to slaughter. It also includes vegetarian recipes and cookbooks that provide tasty alternatives, as well as more info. on the meat industry and helpful information for those who are interested in being a vegetarian and don't quite know where to start.

After viewing this video, you may want to think twice about putting that steak on your plate.

Peace and Prosperity

I Medina Peaceful Earth

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Peace to All! Pardon self for my absence. I have been busy running a summer camp with 40-50 children and it is no joke! Very time consuming and requires a lot of mental, emotional and physical energy. But have you ever met a 5 Percenter where teaching and positively impacting the lives of children was not hard work? I beg your pardon, I've never heard of one. To carry the weight of being responsible for the growth and development of young people is serious business and it takes intestinal fortitude (guts), consistency, love, and the ability to administer justice. I take it extra seriously due to me carrying the name of Earth, and there are good days and days where I would have liked things to be different. It requires thinking on your feet, staying level headed, and not beng emotionally sucked into any situation. Not meaning that you can't feel things when something goes awry, but I cannot remain in that space. I do what I must do, and unload when I get home. Equality is knowing that it's not always about me and putting the needs of others before mine.

Sometimes you have to share and give when you don't think you have anything left. But there are times when you don't have a choice but to push yourself beyond your own self-imposed threshold because a situation is challenging you to do so and there is struggle and beauty in that. Struggle, because it takes you out of a space of comfortability, and change is not always easy to embrace, and beauty, because once you get through the situation, you can see what you are made of and can continue to push yourself further to advance and grow in ways you may not have thought possible. There are days when I want to walk out the door, but I don't because there are people depending on my equality to create balance and order in the cipher. So I give props to anyone who is consistently struggling to build a world or create an environment that people can learn and grow from, cuz 1) Consistency and committment to a cause or purpose is becoming a rare thing in the wilderness of North America (why stick to one thing when there are so many other things to try?) and 2) You may not hear it in your own cipher, as those who work hard are often not appreciated

Peace and Balance

I Medina