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Saturday, May 10, 2008


"There is no mystery god. We have searched for that mystery god for trillions of years and was unable to find that so-called mystery god so we agreed that there is no God but the Sun of Man and we would lose no time searching for that which does not exist." 10:40

Peace. This a repost of a comment I made on a myspace page called "God is Imaginary." It may be controversial for some, so read on if you choose...

Peace. Okay, walk with me here...Lets THINK about it... if someone told you about a serpent talking and a forbidden tree nowadays, without ever hearing this story prior to, wouldn't you think they were slightly coo-coo for cocoa puffs? If someone told you that their good friend who just passed away appeared to them while walking down 125th St in New York and they suddenly ascended back into the sky, would you not think they were imaginging things? I used to believe in Santa Claus until one night, I stayed up all night to wait for him..and he never came. Why give some fat white haired guy the credit when you spent your hard earned money to get those gifts. We cannot confuse mythology with facts. This particular brand of mythology keeps people in control and spending money because they have to follow rules and regulations or suffer a penalty or reward. Rules aren't bad, and they are oftentimes necessary so things won't go haywire, but that's what it is. If you can't fathom it happening today (a person being impregnated without having sex, such as Mary, mother of Jesus...have you ever heard of such a thing?), it probably didn't happen 2,000 years ago, save for certain evolutionary or acts of nature things that have changed since then (i.e. there supposedly were dinosaurs and now there are not).

Those who believe in a mystery God, you have your right, it's your life...I used to, until I was asked some questions, I used my sense of logic and really just thought about it one day. And at that moment, I had an epiphany. When I came to the realization that a God in the sky did not exist, for a weekend I cried, I felt alone, I thought something bad was going to happen to me (this is the fear that is instilled in you since childhood...think back to when some of you first got exposure to "God"). I stopped praying that day, a little over 3 years ago, and great things have happended to me since, and I've also had to deal with some struggles, but over all, I have a great life. But those happenings were all due to all of the moment to moment decisions I made, decisions other people made around me, and the decisions made by people whom I don't know. I have student loans cuz I signed the promissary note. I mean JUST THINK ABOUT IT. Don't respond with your emotions, don't focus on how you FEEL, don't just focus on "well I'm better now cuz God came into my life," don't respond with what you've always done or always known, cuz I know when som people read things like this, they may automatically feel attacked and go into emotional defense mode. Try to seperate yourself from your emotional connection to it and just think in this moment and consider the possibility that a God in the sky is perhaps the greatest invention known to man.Just think about it and ask yourself some does God answer prayers in all the different languages of the world?

Those who have changed their lives, I sincerely congratulate you, but I also implore you to stop giving a mystery God credit for the work you and other people in your life made happen. The strength is in you and those who love and support you. How do those who wrote the creation story of the Earth know that it happened if it happened so many years before they were alive. What evidence is provided besides a story? When you read a book like Harry Potter, or look at Lord of the Rings, do you think those things are possible? You can deduce some life lessons and get messages and inspiration from these stories, but they are stories. At least with science, there is a process of evaluation, measurement and study, and sure, sometimes they get it wrong too. Is it really feasible for a complete planet with Earths qualities to be formed in seven days...or in 6 days and on the 7th day he does anyone know he rested? How did he rest? Is there a bed up there? Where did he go to rest?) What language did the snake in the garden speak? It had to be the same language as the original writer of that book, or else, how would they know what the snake said? Were they hiding somewhere in the bushes spying on Adam and Eve?

Sometimes, you just have to ask yourself the right questions...but for some, they may ask and when they run out of answers, they say, "I just believe!" You ever notice how most religious experiences where people get the Holy Ghost usually have a few key consistent characteristics...a rousing orator, a crowd of people that feel the same way, and loud music. Do you usually hear of these things happening in a quiet church with a boring decrepid preacher? Do you hear of these happenings in Catholic mass (and I went to private school for 5 years of my life, mass every Friday, so I know)? The "Holy Ghost" is a product of all of those elements. Take away the elements and you don't get the experience.Some things cannot be explained...yet. But that doesn't mean a being in the sky made it happen. I'm sure there was a time when cancer or diabetes or other phenomenon could not be explained. But as people continued to research and study, they identified what it was, the symptoms, etc and gave it a label. So that which cannot be explained now will probably be explained in the near future.

I think positive thinking is real and negative thinking is real, and from that foundation of thought, people make decisions. They do and say things based on those thoughts, and due to that, you get results.Knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. 123. Do unfortunate, unplanned things in life happen? Yes. Do "bad" things happen to "good" people? Yes. Does the opposite happen? Yes. Do good things happen to good people sometimes? Yes. Do bad things happen to bad people sometimes? Yes. I consider myself to be a good person. I was robbed walking home from work (I run an after-school program and summer camp). I don't think a mystery God orchestrated this event. I think I was walking, a man saw me walking, saw an opportunity, and took advantage of it. Had I not been walking that way, it wouldn't have happened.There is nothing in the sky but the Sun, Moon, Stars, clouds, and all the other elements of the universe.


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