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Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Before I start, let me first just say that I am not an apologist, nor do I usually write articles of this nature, however, after doing the knowledge (looking, listening, observing, and respecting) to some people's view points, I feel inclined to say a few things regarding relationships and the NGE in general from my perspective.

Before you ask, I have been in the NGE for 6 years (not long in the grand scheme of things...some folks are in their double digits, but it's nothin to sneeze at either), I have been with the same God for almost 7 years who is very grounded in this way of life, I have traveled to different ciphers and seen and heard various things, I am an active part of my local cipher (community),and I have knowledged 120 degrees, meaning I have been taken through a process where I have studied, learned and memorized the curriculum within our pedagogy. Here goes:

1. If you are goiong to critique or pass judgement upon the NGE, your points are less valid if you have never been in the Nation or have just been exposed. You are on the outside looking in. What little I knew before becoming a part of the NGE were misconceptions that were unfounded and based on my knowledge, experience, and perspective. Just because you may know some Gods and Earths somewhere in some place does not mean you are qualified to speak on our behalf, nor are you qualified to give a truly informed critique. We do have "sympathizers" who are not a part of the NGE, but respect us.

2. Just because you have had a negative experience with a God does not make you an authority on "the Gods." That's just like saying if you have a negative experience with a brotha outside of this culture, that all men aint shit. Some women do that...and it's wrong. On the flip side, just because you have had a positive experience with a God does not mean that every woman has had that, nor does it invalidate some of the love hell and right some women have gone through. HOWEVER, I do think that positive relationships and women's positve experiences are not highlighted enough.

3. I was taught and trained by a black man who knows himself to be God (and not God in a religious sense folks). Yes, in 2010 you can actually learn and grow from Black men! There are men out there who are intelligent, knowledgeable, put family first, and take care of their children. Not all of them are what some would call "deadbeat dads" with no civilization. Yes, I grew as a woman by being taught by a man. It is possible.

4."Mathematics is for everybody, but everybody ain't for it."

5. Is the NGE patriarchical? Yes! There, are you happy? lol...meaning men are the "seven in the center of the sun" who strive to be the foundation for their families and their communities. The first 9 born were what? Men. Though women were present at the beginning and we have our First Born women as well, the men strive to give leadership to their families and communities. Why is that bad? Does that mean that women do not exert leadership? No. If you are a woman in this Nation and have a skill, utilize it! Manifest it! Don't just complain about what you percieve as things we are not able to do. Manifest your equality in order to add on. I have met many women in this nation who are great examples of what? Builders! Within the nation, in their families, in their communities, in their local ciphers, on a regional and national scale, they get it poppin. By being the Earth, you are supposed to be the best woman you can be! But don't come here thinking you are going to change the general framework of how we cee the world. It won't work and you shouldn't do it! We complain so much about Black men not being present in our communities and not taking leadership but when we see an example, we still shit on it. We are so lost...Therefore...

6. If you are a feminist or have feminist leanings, this probably ain't the place for you. Can you still be an empowered woman and be in the NGE? Yes. But if you have a problem with gender roles, you will probably be dis-enchanted. There are things that men do and things that women alot of different cultures across the world. You may hear some statements that may make you, with your particular worldview, cringe. ie "I reflect his light; he taught me; the Earth revolves around the Sun." But if you ain't in it, or had a grounded experience with it, you will just have a misunderstanding. Within God/ Earth relationships, there may be egalitarian nuances where there is shared responsibility, sometimes role reversal (ie the woman works and the man stays home with the children, both people work and decide who is best at what regading the household, etc)and how that is expressed depends on that man and that woman. That leads me to say...

7. If you don't like it, why bother? Being a part of this culture is not about force. People make a choice to be here. You can make your choice not to be here and keep it movin. If it doesn't apply, let it fly.

8. Some people are born to destroy and some people are born to build. Meaning, if you think something is wrong, and you keep criticizing, eventually someone will ask you, "Okay, what is your new system or way of being that actually works? How have you forwarded civilization and humanity based upon your perspective?" And I don't just want to hear about obscure examples ie "Well, in this village, in this country on this continent, they do it this way." This culture was born out of the wilderness of North America. Are your examples applicable to people here, today in this day and time? have you experimented? Do you have proven results of success? What framework will you pass on to your children that is comphrehensive enough for them to pass on? Is your relationship structure working? Are you or have you ever been in a successful relationship?

9. If you are a part of the NGE and you say that our way of life is ISLAM, (I acknowledge that Allah said it is "I Self Lord and Master,"and there are many other acronyms)or if you call yourself a Muslim, do not be surprised if Orthodox Muslims challenge or are offended by your statement. The way I was taught,and what I personally advocate is that I am not a Muslim, I am the Earth. Our way of life is based on Supreme Mathematics, and all of the foundational lessons attached to our 8 point curriculum, in addition to Nation History. Others see it differently based on how they were educated in this way of life. I think it is important to distinguish ourselves, while also acknowledging our commonality with other populations. Allah told us that "we would now be the Nation of Gods and Earths" for a reason.

10. God-Earth relationships have issues just like non God-Earth relationships do. With the Knowledge of Self, we should be able to avoid or have the ability to build through those challenges. Our body of knowledge gives us tools to unlock the keys of life. However, yeah, we got problems in our relationships too...just like you do! Don't judge, when what you got or had goin on ain't sweet

11. We have all heard the phrase " a little bit of knowledge can be dangerous." What do I mean? When people try to pick and choose what is applicable from this culture and mix it with some other stuff. I mean, you are free to do so, but you are taking things out of its historical and cultural context. It only "dilutes, mixes and tampers with" that which you say you respect, and therefore, those who know, will not respect what you are doing. There are many different aspects of culture and to function at its fullest equality, those things are likely to work best together, as a comprehensive framework. When mixing a lil Supreme Mathematics here, a lil laws of Ma'at there, a lil Christianity here, a lil Islam there, some Hip Hop and some shit you made up along the way, you get this mix of...I'm not sure....kinda like a hodgepodge of cultural ambiguity. Many people do it, and I can't stop you, and some people prefer it that way so as not to be defined per say, just be mindful of how you may be perceived by those whose religious or cultural tenants you are plucking things from. This should not be confused with us saying, we study "the science of everything in life." This statement should be manifested as within our curriculum, we learn about various things, and the study also extends to things beyond our curriculum, however, we are or should be grounded in this way of life.

12. All ciphers or communities within this Nation are not the same. We are not a monolithic group. In Christianity, aren't the churches different? Doesn't every mosque have their own nuances? With that said, the experience you have within your cipher does not mean every cipher functions this way. Some ciphers are more traditional and conservative. Others are more liberal. Some people may be more grounded inthis way of life than others.These nuances are likely to be traced back to those who civilized that area or who were key in spreading the knowledge. It's just the way things in a lot of places.

13. Within our framework (or any one for that matter), mental, physical or emotional abuse is unacceptable. That is not what this is. Those who exert this level of abuse, typically, would manifest those qualities anywhere they went and probably were like that before they came.

14. There are some people within this way of life who are not as knowledgeable as they should be, are inconsistent with how they live this out, or their interpreation furthers misconceptions. This dynamic is not unique to the NGE.

15. If you are in the NGE, be mindful of how you reference the Black man being God. I have read some things that sound like we advocate a mystery God, and I was thoroughly confused,like huh? So if I was confused, what do you think someone outside the culture is going to think? This may not be your intent but that is how it comes off. We cannot be so esoteric or in the heavens that we don't distill the knowledge back down and show and prove the practical applications of how the Black man is God on the planet Earth each and every day, each and every way. "Allah is God in THE EARTH AND HEAVENS and he is just and true and there is no unrighteuosness in him. But he is not unseen, he is seen and heard everywhere, for he is the all eye seeing."

16. Every group whether it is a culture, religion etc has its successes and benefits and challenges amongst those who are a part of said group or in the eyes of the general population, outside of said group. So before you throw stones, make sure you don't have one comin your way gettin ready to knock you upside your head...


I Medina Peaceful Earth


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