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Sunday, May 14, 2006


14:14 Q) What is the meaning of MGT and GCC?
A) Muslim Girl Training and General Civilization Class, a name given to the training of women and girls of North America. How to raise children. How to take care of their husbands. How to keep their house. How to cook, sew, and in general, how to act at home and abroad. These training units were given to us by our Prophet and teacher of Islam, W.D. Fard.

Although I don't really get down too much with the holidays of this civilization (besides the benefit of getting a day off from work at times), you should celebrate your mother...not just this day, but every day! Why? Because she brought you into this world that's why! You didn't get here physically, as a child, by yourself, and we know that wisdom is the way. Although my Old Earth is not a part of the Nation of Gods and Earths or really any particular culture or religion, she was a damn good mother, and when she was married, from what I was told (my parents divorced when I was a baby), a good wife, and she did many of the duties in the aforementioned degree. She was my first example of womanhood and motherhood. She nurtured me in her body and gave me what I needed to be born big and healthy! She helped me develop my self-esteem. She taught me how to be strong. She taught me the importance of being a good person and accomplishing what I set out to do. She went to my sports events and plays and an endless amount of activities. She even came to my first rap performance in a smoky club in San Jose...and she has asthma! That's dedication to me, and I will always love my mother for all that she has given me and all that she has taught me. She gave me my start in this world. Even when we don't agree (the older she gets, the more judgemental she gets and the more she curses), we are learning to agree to disagree and she truly wants the best for me no matter where I'm at.

So, if you haven't already, start appreciating your Old Earths, Mother Earths, and Mothers of Civilization. She changed your stinky diapers. She made sure that you were fed and clothed and did what she had to do to put you first before herself. She went through nine months of labor, and often times, an agonizing delivery of pain in order to bring you into this world safe and sound. She wiped your snotty nose. She made lunches for you when you went to school. She met with your teachers. She defended you when you were in harm's way. She made sure you were in the house before the street light came on so you would not fall into danger. She gave you advice. She showed you how to treat a woman (at least pre-KOS). She washed your dirty clothes. She cleaned up your dirty room when you were outside playin. She praised you when you were right, and served you justice when you were wrong. Through her example, good or bad, she taught you how to be a mother (ladies) and she taught you how to support a mother (men). All this can be a heavy load, especially if she is working and especially if there is not a man in the home to support her, but she pulled it off and you are who you are today! All praises due!



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