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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Peace! In the vein of Women's month and Earth Appreciation Month in the Nation of Gods and Earths, I chose to post a jewel on Earth History, specifically the way of dress of women in the Nation, that Queen Shamika Lakia Earth, our beautiful, wise, intelligent, and on-point elder sister here in Power Born posted on a list-serve last year. Below that jewel is my reflection on my transition into gaining knowledge of self, changing my mind, and changing my wardrobe. Like I said in my first post, being refined is fly and the following jewel shows you why! Teach!

"Pause Exhale And Cherish Everyday,

From the time I came into this Nation 3 decades age the women built with each other in forums of MGT. The Gods would go to one area of the school the women in another area and we discussed those issues that were important to us as women. This also helped young queens who were new in this Nation gain an understanding of the traditions, values and morays of women with knowledge of self.

Here we go .........walk with me once again. The sisters wore short dresses to the knees and sometimes wore kemars (like the muslim sisters did) and called each other sister not Earths at that time. Later during the year of the first Show and Prove the Sisters came together and talked about how we could distinguish ourselves from all of our other "soul sisters" like our cousins the muslims and others.

So we the women of this Nation determined how we would dress. It was not decided by any God. One of the women instrumental in this determination was Empress who was once named Allah Most Precious Jewel and received many of her jewels directly from Allah and was the first Queen to be able to quote 120 degrees which she learned when she was put in a mental institution for declaring that "The Blackman is God". Speak with her whenever you get the chance. She still attends parliaments in Mecca. And may have on a "PROM GOWN with sequins" I love my sister Empress. She might even wear a wig and tell you "Hey I'm in 3/4ths" (smile)

Anyway, the sisters wanted to be colorful. So the muslim queens wore solids like blues, tans etc; my soul sisters the Black Israelites wore white as did my Yoruba Priestess sisters, the PanAfricanist Sisters wore mostly liberation colors and NOW for US. We decided we would wear long skirts with army boots, multiple prints with head wraps. Our style would set the trends for each decade. So we decided that refinement would be determined by several methods. If you did not wrap your hair you should at least cover all "hills and mountains" especially so that your "diameter" or diamond could not be seen. So for most of us, if pants were worn wrapped; if your arms or legs were exposed wrapped; if skirts were floor length and arms not exposed could wear our hair out. We looked glorious. For Parliments you wore your "Sunday Best". We set the trends in New York style and was FABULOUS. We had fashion designers in the Nation such as Nature Divine who now resides in Toronto. Man of our day we was the Savior He Eye Square. (LOL)

Now every June during Earth Jacqueen Asia's physical degree day we marched to 110th street to the beginning of Central Park and gather as women with defined culture. We start the walk from Allah School as the Earths. MAN we was sharp in our refinement in bright greens, oranges, reds, head dress high in all the colors of the rainbow spectrum; then we walk past my cousins the Black Israelites who would join on in their whites and the sister who followed Marcus Garvey, pan africanists in their liberation colors… keeps walking with me Queens. Then we got midway to central park and our cousins the muslims would walk in with us in their tans, blues and solids. By the time we got to central park it was SPARKED WITH REFINEMENT. We marched like this every year in the decade of 1970 to central park. Me, Earth Jacqueen Asia, Mecca, Servena Earth, Queen Kameeya, Asia Now Eden, Ageamean, Cipher, Earthly Paradise, Queen Eye Bear Witness, Black Arabia, Nature Divine, Queen Earth, Arabia, Born Queen, Eye Queen, Makeeba, Monica, Carmen, Eluna, Lazell, Tuniqua Earth, I Alasia Earth, Wisdom Understanding, Divine Understanding, Understanding, Queen Gemisa, Perfect Cipher................and more and more and more. And we set the style trends for ourselves and for the world. The world did not set the style and trends for us. We determined back then that 3/4's does start with a mental interpretation however we all know what must follow the mental to be complete ......just like where water goes salt will follow .....mental, physical and universal it all encompasses one. Subsequently 3/4ths could not possibly be only mental. 75% represents Gods Power which borns out to love, hell or right and in turn leads to peace which is the absence of chaos. This is what helps relationships last for many many years ...32 to be exact. I always teach don't blame 3/4ths on a God wandering off to sisters who wear less. You just don’t know how to ROCK 3/4THS. Man in my y'alls ages I would come around the corner with the wind blowing my beautiful skirt, my skin tight, smelling like the best of oils, wrapped in material that made my blackman say AHHHHHHHHHHHHH damn!!!!! she's mine 2 new york city blocks away. That's how I received my diamonds and gold.

I left Mecca in 1983 to reside in Power Born, born universal truth every time I flew into another city were Queens resided I got off the plane I could distinguish who was the Earth picking me up from all other women based on refinement. I'd look around and spot them out colorful, headwrapped high or refinement that covered hills and mountains, rivers and valleys."

That was a wonderful jewel, as this is all of our history, those of us who are striving to be or consider ourselves true and living earths (it's a journey, not a destination), and knowledge me when I say that it has taken a minute for me to gain proper understanding within my own self of this jewel and history, and I'm still workin' at it cause the growin' don't stop. But this history cannot be denied in my own mind. She was there from damn near the beginning and helped build this nation and culture, especially in regards to sister's protocol, and her building how she does and lovingly sharing her understanding shows and proves the importance of the preservation of our culture.

Many, and I would like to say most sisters throughout the world are refined and it is the devil's civilization and western attire that is the minority (although it has been spreading) and I have to constantly keep this in mind as a woman who strives to be the true and living Earth...not just a positive Black woman, but the Earth, the mother of civilization, who is 3/4ths covered (not hidden), as the only life bearing planet Earth is ( and please understand me when I say in the beginning, I heavily argued, challenged and resisted, so what I am saying now is a reflection of my gradual growth and development over the past year and a half). If I chose this and acknowledge this as my nature, I have to strive to manifest it in as many ways as possible, through breath and depth, from the surface to the core.

So many of our people don't have a culture with principles that serve as a foundation to live out. A lot of cultural people don't live out a culture with identifiable principles that can be taught. But this is the gift that Allah, the Father gave us, and countless others have built, and without a foundation, we are lost in this wilderness and are more vulnerable to being influenced by the culture of America in the mental and physical (and it is powerful!). And I realized that as much as I spoke against America, as much as I detested the United Snakes, I was very American in my personal choices, and unconsciously at the time wanted to continue to reflect that culture, especially through my way of dress. And that's part of that schizophrenia or double consciousness that so many of us are conflicted with. I wanted to be that sexy, revolutionary sista who could speak at rallies, rhyme, spit poetry and rock a J. Lo catsuit at the club with the twins out, 1) because that's how I liked to dress at the time (unaware of the foundation of that), and 2) because I wanted people to see a different representation of a sista with cultural awareness (that you can still be "cute" and don't have to wear a mumu to have some semblance of cultural and political awareness). And I still don't wear mumus (no disrespect to those who do). But I was caught up in that 6 or limitation, thinking every sista had to look the same.

I can now take pride in knowing that I am striving to live out a culture which manifests itself in the mental and the physical. I can speak of cultural awareness and knowledge of self, knowing that I am a part of a living, breathing culture, and am engaged in getting true KOS and have an avenue to live it out wholistically. I can pride myself in knowing that I am a part of a culture that has its' own use of language and family system and that I do not look like everyone else does (although the "Earthy" look has been co-opted over the years to where nowadays, you can't visibly tell who is an earth and who is not). I have to remember that a lot of what is "in style' is dictated by gay white men! And rockin' 3/4ths does not have to separate me from other sisters (this is something I worried about...looking so different, that I would repel). But today, I get much positive acknowledgement from young sisters (who are my largest concern at this point) who know who I am and what I represent and have seen my change, because of how I wear it and the foundation it is built upon. You attract through your knowledge and wisdom, which can bring forth the understanding that my Allah Self Savior doesn't have to be out to be acknowledged, and if it needs to be, then I don't need that kind of attention (and this has been a struggle since middle school...Conscious and unconscious!)

This is our culture and history. It is what we do and how we distinguish ourselves, and I definitely strive to keep it funky. And I feel regal, whether I'm wearing a long skirt made out of some jeans and fabric with my adidas, a fly leather skirt below the knee with some boots, or a skirt with thin breathable fabric that blows in the wind with some sandals. And the response is definitely different, and I am acknowledged as a queen because I look and carry myself like one. First impressions give someone an entry into how they should address you. So what I project is what I will get. And I still have to fight within myself to take the devil off my planet cause those clothes still attract, when I know according to Supreme Mathematics and our history, they are not a right and exact physical representation of the planet Earth as it is seen and lived out within this culture that I advocate. What light am I trying to reflect? What world am I striving to manifest? The Devil's or Allah's? Can I live out Allah World Manifest as the Earth, which is 70% covered with water, with a halter top and a miniskirt? The two didn't add up, and my physical had to reflect more of my mental.

I had to get to the root and really ask myself why I wanted to wear clothing that flaunted my hills and mountains. What part of my self-esteem was that serving and was it healthy? Was I objectifying myself and covering it up with shallow reasoning like, "I wear this because it's cute." I had to realize that the point was to be different, and to provide a different representation of a woman for the girls who are around me daily that look up to me. I had to realize that I could not let the Devil's civilization control me, and that I had to master and control my relationship to it.

What I had to come to after questioning and debating was, this is what we do and how we represent ourselves and I can either accept it or reject it, and I grew in to it. I thought I would have to sacrifice my sense of "style," but every thing that I wear is clothing that I choose, that I see as right and exact and fly! Every day, when I choose what to wear, it is a conscious decision to not let the colored man's laws or civilization colonize my mind and body. And I know there are sisters who are more refined or covered than me (i.e. showing no arms or skin at all) and I am thankful that there is diversity within 3/4ths so that every sister does not have to rock it in the same way. I am seeing that wearing 3/4ths represents the beauty of an original woman respecting her mental and her physical and distinguishing herself by being a physical representation of a queen, an Earth.

Ever notice that in movies or pictures or representations of queens back in the day, they wore beautiful flowing long dresses with crowns? Those who dressed scantily were courtesans, concubines, or common. So I am now seeing the beauty in the historical correlation between past and present.



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  • At 4:08 PM, Blogger Divine IZ Earth said…

    Peace Queen!

    This post is much appreciated...


  • At 9:57 PM, Blogger The Peace and Magnetic said…

    what is askistoo talking about? Not the blog...go advertise on their site.

    I adore this color array of imagery. I will refer some Blk wmn this way...peace

  • At 3:23 PM, Blogger Orginal Author Allah said…

    Peace to the the mother Of Divine Minds.

    Your Build was most Peace on the 3/4ths.Which breaks down mathmatically as understanding Culture.Understanding is the greatest part so A queens Phyiscal should always reflect the mental.


    Original Author Allah

  • At 7:47 PM, Blogger Eboni Joy Asiatic said…

    Peace Queen,

    Your add on to the Earth's build was very fitting, I'm honored to knowledge it. Enjoyed the post so much in fact I read it to my brother the other night. So thanks for sharing the light.

    In Love & Peace,
    Eboni Joy Asiatic

  • At 9:39 AM, Blogger Raja Shah said…

    Peace 17!


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