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Friday, March 03, 2006


Todays' mathematics is understanding, which represents the result of theory and practice, your perspective and worldview, the babies, the fruit, the best part! It is a necessity for children to be able to comprehend the world around them, based on knowledge and wisdom, not belief, myths, or fairy tales.

Science is a system of acquiring knowledge or the organized body of knowledge based on study and research aimed at finding out the truth ( In our culture, we are taught the importance of being a study how and why all things come into existence. There are no mysteries, just happenings and phenomenon that we may not understand yet, due to a variety of reasons, such as, the technological resources have not been developed yet, or we may have the tools but are not clear how to use them or know the span of what they apply to.

Growing up in school, I didn't really enjoy science because the teaching methods and tools used to convey the information did not attract me. Frankly, I was bored. Then, when I was in maybe the fourth or fifth grade, my Old Earth (Peace Mommy!) bought me a chemistry set. I had a ball! I would come home after school and basketball or volleyball practice and before I even broke out my homework, I would break out the set and be at the table for hours combining colors and chemicals, measuring and exploring, feeding my curiousity. I made an absolute mess at times, but it was worth it to find the scientist inside of me.

After working with children of different age groups with many different learning styles and attention spans, I acknowledge the importance of being swift and changeable in teaching information by utilizing different methods to convey the same point. And kids love to work with their hands and build things! They enjoy seeing the process of how something is made. So to counter the aversion that many original children have to science, I am an advocate of experiential learning, adventure education and experiments. The following is a list of some web-sites with tons of fun science experiments and kid-friendly scientific facts and info. that you can use at home, in your classes, in an after-school program, or wherever you'd like. Enjoy!

(Please Educate All Chilldren Everyday)


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