Refined and Fly

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

PEACE to all the human families of the planet Earth...and that means YOU! My name is I Medina Peaceful Earth and I come to you as a citizen of the Nation of Gods and Earths (formerly known as the 5% Nation, if you're unfamiliar), reflecting the radiant light of I Majestic Allah. I am originally from Berkeley, California (what it do!), and am now proud to rest in Power Born, Power Allah (Pittsburgh, PA).

This space will consist of reflections, articles, rants, questions, answers and affirmations about how I see things, my way of life, and jewels I've learned along my journey in this complex world.

So...why Refined and Fly?


According to the American Heritage College Dictionary (3rd Edition), to refine is to: tr. 1. to reduce to a pure state; 2. purify; to remove by purifying; 3. To free from course, unsuitable, or immoral characteristics. intr. 1. to become free from impurities. 2. to acquire polish or elegance. 3. to use precise distinctions and subltety in thought or speech.

This is indeed a process, and through the journey of getting the knowledge of myself, I am learning how to refine my way of thinking and destroy the thoughts that are negative or poisonous; refine my words ways and actions so that they are wise and communicate exactly what I am intending (that don't mean you won't hear an expletive now and then, but my will is to keep that to a minimum); and refine how I physically present myself so that others see a strong, beautiful, modest woman who walks with her head up high because she loves herself, inside and out.

According to the Meriam -Webster Online Dictionary, fly, as an adjective, means keen and artful.

I also see "fly" in relation to myself as being confident in how I present myself, which is a combination of my internal and external characteristics: having a positive attitude, intelligence, distinctive, unique, stylish, artistic, creative, and modest (hell yeah, 3/4ths is fly...more on that later).

So, the phrase "refined and fly" are two ways in which I see myself, and my posts will be reflections of me.

I also think that it's mighty fly to be refined.

I build you take the best part.



  • At 2:24 PM, Blogger Divine IZ Earth said…

    Peace Queen!

    This is Divine IZ Earth, hailing from Love, Hell or Right kingdom and reflecting the light of Knowledge Said Allah. Peace Sis! Indeed refinement is fly! Keep teaching...



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