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Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Peace. Todays' mathematics is God. Todays' degree in the alphabet is God. God is recognized in our culture as the 1) Black man who has the knowledge of himself and 2) the orderly system of Supreme Mathematics itself (as I was taught). An order, is a process of sequential steps in getting things done. Everyone has a process for how they do things (completing projects, cooking, taking a shower, studying, etc.). In Supreme Mathematics, the order should entail the best way to do things to to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency so that when it's born, or complete, you achieved the best results because you explored all available options and have chosen for yourself the best way to execute the plan. It's about having an orderly system where everyone knows their role (equality) and each person is operating at maximum levels so that the system moves as one unit, at its' highest a well oiled machine.

In mainstream society, God has represented people's attempt to understand their relationship with their environment, to understand the origin of things. Because we are complex beings who are conscious of our own existence, we strive to understand the complexities of life and all that exists around us. Due to the order in which things were made and the order of life taking place (Supreme Mathematics), many people attribute the process of how all things came to be to a mystery God; a grand architect, a designer. This is essentially the argument of intelligent design. But there is no way to prove this argument true. If there is a designer, where are they, and who designed them? How do you know there is one and not many? Do they speak all the different languages of the world? What was the process of design? If no concrete examples are given, then one must simply "believe" this being exists, but believing does not bring you any closer to the truth.

In Genesis, in the bible, a seven day process of creation is referenced as how life came into existence. Some think it was 7 actual days, others think each day spanned millions of years and the word "day" is somewhat metaphorical. How do you prove any of this? This mystery god is a figment of our collective imagination, like a chip that has been inserted in our brains by society through our conditioning. You hear the idea so much in households, school, media, and other societal discourse that you automatically assume it is true without question.

Some religious scientists try to support arguments for intelligent design and evolution by stating that God created the process of evolution. By believing in this magician of sorts, you consistently remove power and responsibility from yourself (and fail to acknowledge the wonders and beauty of the natural process of life) and assign it to an entity outside of yourself that we have assigned anthropomorphic qualities that you cannot prove exists. Some religions think God interacts within our daily affairs, while some others think God is what sparked life, or put a blueprint for life in motion, but does not interfere with the trivial daily affairs of people (that may be left to smaller Gods or intermediaries). This, however, can not be shown and proven. We have only begun to understand the depths of the capabilities of what the mind can produce, let alone a supernatural being that supposedly exists somewhere in the heavens.

Many people think that if you identify yourself as God, you are some sort of magician (i.e. Make money appear out of thin air! Make it rain!) but that is due to a misunderstanding of what being God in this culture means. The original Asiatic Black man who is God is not a magician. He strives to continue to know the origin of all things, and those who have the information can use it to guide and direct people, places, and things in his environment. In the family, he holds himself ultimately accountable and responsible for how the cipher functions. He is connected in the mind and body, the mental and the physical, so that his level of consciousness and intelligence controls his actions and he is able to take things from mind to matter (mental to physical). He provides Good Orderly Direction by knowing all of the ways, but implements the best way. This is how he is the author of change. He writes his own history by living out Supreme Mathematics and being in tune with himself...his nature. He shows and proves there is no mystery God by being a scientist and investigating the science of everything in life and reveals this truth to others. He strives to embody the qualities of what people attribute to a mystery God so you know that the makers and owners and authors of change are in the flesh, that can be seen and heard. For example, many Egyptian Pharoahs were referenced as and considered Gods...and they were people, but they did things that shaped and molded their environment and pushed that civilization forward. Being God is a responsibility, not just a title, and you have to do very real things that impact people in very real ways.

Allah, the Father (the founder of our Nation) was a true and living God because he investigated the origin of things and gave us access to this information so that we would see our own divinity. He guided, directed, and empowered. He used his intelligence to identify a system that represents the natural order of life so that we could have a culture that allows us to shape and mold our environment. That is creativity. That is what moves the world. People have mistakenly created a mystery God (by far, probably the most interesting and compelling concept invented of all time), when the origin of creativity among human beings lies within oneself.

7:10 "How much useful land is used by the original man? The original man uses 23 million square miles."

Simply stated, God uses land or resources and tools he has access to to show and prove his power to shape and mold his environment. God has to be wise, meaning he has to know what to do with what he has access to so that he can create the reality he wants to see. He has to know how to take care of his garden to produce the best fruit. This is what ABG #7 did for example. He took the knowledge he had and created a cipher in Medina by teaching others the truth about themselves. Nothing appears out of thin air. You take what you have and make something meaningful of it. Mind to matter.

7:36 "Why does he like the Devil?"

A Black man must destroy any aspect of devilishment inside of himself in order to be God. The more God accepts the Devils' (we are not pro-black or anti-white, so this implies anybody who exhibits devilish behavior), way of life, the more he imlpements it and grafts it into himself, the more he will lose sight of his nature as God. God must not like the Devil, he must love himself and be diligent and disciplined enough within himself to create that which is in his own image, not the Devils.' Easier said than done.

7:14 " Why does the Devil call our people Africans? To make our people of North America believe that the people on that continent are the only people they have and that they are all savages. The Devil built a trading post in the jungles of that continent. The original people live on that continent. They're the ones who strayed away from civilization and are living a jungle life. The original people call this continent Asia, but the Devil calls it Africa to try and divide them. He wants us to think that we're all different."

This degree is telling of using words and labels to manipulate and control others so that you can use them to serve your wants and needs to make your reality born. God uses the truth to positively impact people so that they become in tune with themselves, which will create a harmonious environment. The Devil, in this sense, uses lies and deception by "making our people of North America" believe and buy in to a concept that we did not create. This speaks to our lack of self-definition, and for so long as a people, foreign invaders have taken over land and the people in it, and named it as they saw fit. In this case, the name given to a Roman province in so-called North Africa has come to define an entire continent., an online encyclopedia that summarizes research and resources from many different online sources states:

"The name Africa came into Western use through the Romans, who used the name Africa terra — "land of the Afri" (plural, or "Afer" singular) — for the northern part of the continent, as the province of Africa with its capital Carthage, corresponding to modern-day Tunisia.
The Afri were a tribe — possibly Berber — who dwelt in North Africa in the Carthage area. The origin of Afer may be connected with Phoenician `afar, dust (also found in most other Semitic languages)... Ancient Africa extended into what is now known as Asia. There was no line drawn between the two continents until the geographer Ptolemy (85 - 165 AD), accepted Alexandria as Prime Meridian and made the isthmus of Suez and the Red Sea the boundary between Asia and Africa. As Europeans came to understand the real extent of the continent, the idea of Africa expanded with their knowledge."

So as we see, this is another example of other people defining who we are based on their limited worldview. By only identifying ourselves as African, this does not take us to the origin of things. One may say that the oldest known bones were found in Africa, hence we're all Africans! However, you cannot disregard all of the activity, migrations, inter-mingling, civilizations, and cultures that developed between then and now. For example, people from China or Korea, may not have always identified themselves as Asian, they may have identified themselves as Korean or Chinese or possibly another term used prior to those (i.e. Benin, was formerly called Dahomey, an ancient kingdom, or Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) is a name referenced by European traders due to the abundance of Ivory Tusks in that region). That is why I love that we as a nation use the term "original people," because it is a general term, that links us with people, cultures, and experiences across the planet.

I understand the reclaiming of the word "African" as a means to identify oneself (as i used to) because that is the continent that my ancestors were most likely brought from through the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade (but because I have not completed a geneological search, I am not 100%sure). However, I am not acknowledging my great great grandfather who was a Blackfoot Indian/ Indigenous peson, or the likely interaction that one of my ancestors had with somebody white, and anything else in between pre-slavery to the present. What if my ancestors came from another continent or area of the world, prior to coming to Africa? What if my ancestors were from Haiti by way of Benin? I cannot disregard the French influences no more than I can disregard the West African influence. Both have to be investigated to have the knowledge of myself in that sense and assume an identity.

The continents were once one, which is symbolic of all original people. We are all one...not the same, but one (many of us may have similar makeup due to colonization, just different specific invaders...a great point my brother Sha King brought up...Puerto Ricans and so-called African Americans...both have in a general sense, African, Indigenous, and White lineage). We are all connected becasue our history is connected. We've learned things from each other which creates a collective creativity. Original people across the planet have bartered and traded with each other for thousands of years (and in some cases, stole ideas and people), and unless you live in a vacuum, one's way of life is open to be influenced or impacted by anothers.' When looking at the history of a people, you cannot ignore the importance of polyculturalism (the concept that all of the worlds' cultures are inter-related). At times, this has proven to be successful, and at times it has caused cultural dilution or outright destruction. However, the truth remains that original people have consistently interacted with and impacted other original people for thousands of years. By not acknowledging this, we continue to remain divided and limit our ability to manifest our collective power. "He wants us to think that we're all different" so that we won't come together, which leaves him opportunity to extend his civilization through world domination.


  • At 2:10 PM, Blogger Sha-King Allah said…


    More Fiya More Fiya !!!

    Your article was very well researched and I appreciate that kind of scholarship coming from the EARTH!

    Peace and Blessings,
    Yuor brother,
    Sha-King Cehum Allah

  • At 12:14 AM, Blogger Dennis Day said…

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  • At 11:01 AM, Blogger Dennis Day said…

    I have a website that may be of some interest to some of your readers. Within the pages of the Bible, you will find numerous passages pertaining to Egypt and Egyptian rulers. I have done and extensive study on the genealogy of the Bible and created a database that contains the information of every individual mentioned. I used numerous other history sites to compile and expand the information of the surrounding areas at the time of each Bible character. You will be able to see all the Egyptian dynasties, Babylonians, Assyrians, Sumerians and many more. If you are interested, you can find this information at


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