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Thursday, March 23, 2006



I see todays' mathematics as wisdom understanding, all being born to power. Today, I'm thinking of the importance of being clear, through wise words, ways, and actions. Those you are communicating with should be able to comprehend how you see the world (your perspective or worldview). If people do not understand what you are saying, then you may have to continue to utilize different methods and strategies to effectively communicate so they can see the vision. If you can't communicate your vision to the point where it reaches people, then you've had little to no effect. With no effect, you don't have much power. By being able to convey your vision to others, you are able to build a power base, and one has to be able to speak different languages to do that. You have to know your audience, and the best ways to get a point across in order for them to have a crystal clear picture of what your're saying. By being clear, they can apply what you're saying to their own lives, and others, producing positive change.

For example, at my job, during our weekly staff meetings, the executive director (a former Black Panther and community organizer and activist) consistently pushes his perspective of self-reliance, self-sufficiency and empowerment. Through this "political education" as he would say, he is trying to inspire people to become dedicated to the mission of empowerment through some of the organizational initiatives he strives to implement to empower families and communities in Power Born (Pittsburgh).

In order to hold the attention for an hour (and that's just the political education part!) of some drowsy folks at 9am in the morning, he has to use a variety of methods...tellin' jokes, stories, affirmations, quotes from books, force (as in, I want it done now!), psychology, personalized statements directed at one individual, nurturing, etc. He uses many different roads to get to the same destination and obtain the same results. Sometimes the words move us, we "get it" and we move to action swiftly, other times, he needs to show forth and prove his power by leading by example (him, doing what he's asking us to do so we can better comprehend what he's saying, so that we can do it). You have power when you can get others to move off your/ a mission. Of course, you can look at Allah the Father as an example, who shared his understanding and taught the babies who they are. We're still experiencing his power because we are here, over 40 years later, as Gods and Earths, striving to live out Allah World Manifest each and every day, each and every way. Or you can look at cats like Larry Hoover. He is kept under the jail because he can put out a directive, and have hundreds, if not thousands of people doing what he needs them to do. .

I'm learning the importance of being clear, especially working with children. On a day to day basis, I see the intelligence (wisdom) of the Black child (understanding) and their ability to positively or negatively influence one another (power). Positive and negative peer pressure is no joke, and I've seen them use their words to hurt and to heal.

23:36 "I can hardly believe that unless they were blind, deaf, and dumb"

When a person can't see, hear, or comprehend the truth because they don't know who they are and have been fed so many lies about themselves, their origin, and their environment, they may have trouble at first, grasping what we say when we manifest our perspective and worldview that the Black man is God, the Black woman is the Earth,the babies are the best part and there is no mystery god. Just think about it...those statements are deep! Just think of what you thought or your expression when you first heard that, or something like it! It definitely shook up my world. That might be some shit they ain't neva heard before and that may totally challenge, upset, and flip whatever it was they believed in, and at that first moment, there may be a look of utter confusion (blind) and they may not be tryin' to hear you (deaf). But by further manifesting the understanding in a clear way (at times through a variety of methods...more talking, seeing what you do and them doing the knowledge to you) a person can be moved to change their lives and live out this way of life or at least change a few things over time (i.e stop eating pork). And scientifically, that's what power over time. Sometimes people need time to digest and process what you've told them, so they can develop their own understanding cuz you can't give somebody their understanding, you can only manifest yours.



  • At 2:57 PM, Blogger EntellektualSoul said…

    Peace 17!
    " can't give somebody their understanding, you can only manifest yours." That's Peace Earth. I love reading your blog and can't wait to read more. Keeping building...
    -- 17 Sanaa


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