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Thursday, May 04, 2006


Peace! Today's mathematics is culture. This morning, I was strollin' down memory lane, thinking about my childhood. Peridoically, I meet with a group of Black women from different "faiths," and belief systems. I realized that some of the experiences I had are probably similar to other Black women in North America (give or take a few geographical differences) because we share a similar frame of reference. So I decided to put together a list of a few "Black Girl Memories" that I and other Black women may share. Some may be more specific to my experience as a California girl and some are more general. And don't hesitate to add on your own Black Girl/ Original Woman memories. Since we deal with all the human families of the planet Earth, we may all have some similarities, and if not, we can learn from and appreciate the differences. I was born in 1978 so the memories only go back but so far...and I'm from the West Coast :-) Since I got knowledge of self as an adult, these memories are all pre-KOS. Do you remember...

1) Your first time getting a perm or your hair pressed? Did your mother burn your ear trying to get those edges (oooh, the oppression!). Burn baby burn!

2) If you didn't have a pool, did you put on your swimsuit or leotard, turn the lawn hose on and run across the sprinklers?

3) Playing a whole bunch of inappropriate games for young children (Hide and Go Get It, House, Doctor)

4) You know you had at least one pair of hammer pants! (Don't at least thought about it)

5) Summertime, wearin' matching biker short outfits with Keds or Diadoras?

6) Wearin' all kinds of beads, bollies and scrungies with 10,000 braids in your hair?

7) Waiting hours upon hours to get your hair done at the shop, cause your hairdresser overbooked her schedule trying to do 5 heads at a time?

8) Turnin' 13 and thinkin' you were grown cuz you were a "teenager"

9) Wanting to be the main girl (not just a back up dancer :-) in a LL Cool J, Guy, or damn near any popular male rapper or singers' video

10) Lyin' about your age when someone tried to get at you (maybe that was just me )?

11) Trying to will bigger hills and mountains into existence (ya'll know what I mean)

12) Goin' to your first sideshow and parkin' lot pimpin' at the gas station (if you ain't from the Bay Area, you might not understand)

13) Playing double dutch and Chinese Jump Rope? Remember Pop Ups?

14) Lee Press on Nails?

15) Cross Colors (somebody could spot you a mile away with those bright ass colors and those twirlin' fan hats!), Damage (ripped patches...why?), and Girbaud jeans

16) Supersonic, Oaktown 357, and B Angie B (people used to call me that!)

17) This isn't funny, but this is no lie...didn't crack touch at least one person in your family? (sometimes we laugh to keep from cryin')

18) Sneakin' to listen to Too Short and dancin' to 2 Live Crew

19) Having some public and private school experience, couldn't you find fast girls at either place?

20) Don't you have at least one uncle who was always on some otha ish at every family function?
(mine is Uncle Poochie from Plaquemine, Louisiana. He always wore cowboy hats and boots, danced as he came to hug and kiss you...B.U.T he always got the party started and made us laugh)

That's what I got for now and I'll continue to add memories as I think of them.. Feel free to add on, and brothas, this includes you too. I know ya'll have some memories in common that cross boundaries. Peace!


  • At 6:48 PM, Blogger EntellektualSoul said…

    We have a couple of years between us (I am wisdom wisdom), however, I can remember almost everything that you stated.
    Do you remember,
    1) Your mom and every other black women that you knew, putting vaseline on you and your friends entire body, so when you went outside you glisten in the sun?
    2) This is for the Queens--Did your mom use to braid your hair in an "onion" or "heart"?
    3) How about frying bologna, and putting a slice in the middle, so the bologna would not pop when it started to fry?
    4) What about drawing fake moles on your face and switching the fake mole to the left to the right every other week.
    5) This may be a Victory Allah thing, b.u.t. do you remember wearing the "Queen Pen look"--it consist of wearing big black glasses with yellow tint & shiny black coats with the fur on the collar?

  • At 1:29 PM, Blogger Divine IZ Earth said…

    Peace! Here are some of my black girl memories...
    1.) jelly sandals that left madd marks on your feet after a hot day outside...
    2.) wearing 2 pairs of socks at a time to match your outfiit, and making sure they were scrutched just right...
    3.) this might be a chi-town thing, but who remembers the pink and white or grey and silver British Knights?
    4.) wearing rings on every finger (on both hands)
    5.)getting your first chain snatched right off your neck
    6.)memorizing the words to "crush on you remix" by Lil' Kim
    7.) battle dances, and dance crews practicing their dances in the park or bathroom right before the school dance
    8.) loving the boys with the poke-a-dot shirts

  • At 6:56 PM, Blogger Quena said…

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  • At 7:11 PM, Blogger Quena said…

    Peace ,

    This blog brought back so many memories. I am sitting here with tears rolling down my eyes because those day were so funny.

    Do you remember try to do every one of Janet Jackson's dances, she did in her videos. I do all so well.

    How about when the song "push it came out". I'll never forget that video. One may ask why, because one day it was on while I was in my room and I was doing all the dances.My mom came in the room and beat the life out of me lol.

    What about when your mom would put your hair in a ponytail and brush your forehead and then have the never to say that didnt hurt. Man I use to hate that.

    Here is another funny one. My dad use to buy my sneakers and he would let me pick out what ever I wanted. SO, I came home with some red seude nike cortez my mom was pissed. I didnt even own nothing red. She made me wear those shoes till they fell apart and was like I hope you learned your lesson.

    Every little girl had a favorite baby doll. I was fortunate to have one of the very first cabbage patch kids I know you remember those. Well any way, I was an only child and the only siblings I had was three male cousins who would torture me. I'll never forget them taking my baby and banging his head off the ground. I went and told my grandmother. She did not respond fast enough. Remember how hard the dolls head was well I beat them with it and ran in the house so they couldn't get me. lol

    It was great being a child of that generation. those were the days and I remember them all so well.

  • At 8:20 AM, Blogger EntellektualSoul said…

    @ Divine IZ Earth--I remember the jellies--I had the clear, black and pink ones, you couldn't tell me I wasn't the shyt! Also, everyone in Victory Allah rocked the two socks to match with their outfits--I remember that they were very thick and sometimes your sneakers use to hurt your feet.
    ***Anybody remember the tennis skirts with tennis shoes and those thick ass socks?


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