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Thursday, June 15, 2006


Peace! Pardon self for the delay. Been a bit busy and I build ya'll haven't tuned out, but if you did...tune back in cuz I'm back!

This past weekend (6/10 & 6/11), myself and many of my brothers and sisters from Power Born traveled back to the root of civilization, where the knowledge and wisdom of the orignal man started...the Holy City of Mecca, Now Why (Harlem, New York) for the Nation of Gods and Earths' Annual Show and Prove. This is a space where we come together, on the weekend Allah the Father, the founder of the Nation of Gods and Earths and teacher of many returned to the essence. We celebrate his life and supreme equality (all that he taught and shared with us), build on the science of everything in life and do the knowledge to performances, scientific experiements and demonstrations, Health Fairs, children's activities, food, and meet and greet our a-alikes, who be alike and cee alike.

Saturday night, we all came from our respective hotels and met at Medina, the land of the warriors, and went to the 5 Spot for music, comedy, and soul food. After we dined and shared quality time, we came together for a nice photo outside of the joint. It was great to be in Medina and I still gotta make a Parliament or event out there to really do the knowledge. Building to be at Children's Day.

I definitely want to give a shout out to all the sisters from Power Born who were able to make the journey, as it included a few newborns, who were all dressed in beautiful refinement...3/4, showing our level of understanding and appreciation of the culture and standards that our elder sisters put in motion and reinforce. Queen Shamika, Aymara, Ennad Mahogany, Quena,Mecca Wise Reflection, Black Divinity and myself were all on one accord, thinking and feeling positive and radiating warm currents. Power Born made a great showing as Suns, Moons, and Stars were in attendance.

This was my understanding (3rd) year of attending the Show and Prove and each year, I realized I was in a different space, which in essence, manifested Supreme Mathematics. My first year (knowledge), I had not yet made the decision to join the nation so I was indeed, doing the knowledge...looking, litening, observing, and respecting what was taking place, still deciding if this was the place for me, and I was not dressed in refinement. I wanted to attend representing where I was at, and did not want to throw on 3/4 to look the part, if I still wasn't sure. Once you look the part, people will greet you differently and have certain expectations of you and that was not a weight (6 sextillion tons, a unit followed by 21 ciphers) I was sure I was ready to carry yet.

My second year (wisdom), I had made the decision to getKnowledge of Self and add on, so in that, it was my first experience coming as a participant instead of an observer, so I did a few things (added on with the security, made sure I built on mathematics with some children, watched the show, and supported the science demonstration). I put the energy in motion.

This year, my third, I definitely was traveling with a determined idea to meet and build with some earths. I had a crytallized vision of what I saw myself doing and how I saw myself interacting. I did get a chance to build with my good sister Divine Full Equality out of Cream City (Milwaukee, WI)...always great to build with that sister, and I met Agemean, an elder sister out of Medina (Brooklyn, NY) who was taught by all the First Borns. She was the first earth from Medina I had met in the physical, and I also met Lanasia Earth from Medina , who moderates a list-serve called Peaceful Queens, that encourages earths and other positive sisters to build. I unfortunately missed my good sister Divine Iz Earth out of Love, Hell or Right Kingdom (Champaign, Illinois). I also assisted with the EOD security and did my first pat downs, caught a bit of the science demonstrations and a small part of the show.

Those experiences were peace, but I did expect to meet and see more Earths that I could point out on site (dressed in 3/4), so I didn't get to build with as many sisters as I would have liked. One thing that I have to remember is that you never know who is amongst you until you build with them. Some sisters who were not dressed accordingly may have been supporters of the nation but not participants, or relatives of people in the nation, or they just may be sisters who simply do not wear 3/4, or they may have been doing the knowledge, just as I was my first year. Nobody said, "Peace Earth!" to me that year, cuz I didn't look like one! Looking back on it, how in the hell could anybody tell if I was an earth or not? I definitely got more of the "Peace Queen" that year, and this year, it felt great to walk down the street and in the school and hear "Peace Earth!."

That is why if you are the Earth, I cee 3/4 as important, because we are a physical representation of the knowledge, wisdom and understanding that we have of our culture and people should recognize us on site. A sister might be looking for a sister to build with, and you may miss an opportunity to share what you know and positively effect someone cuz they don't recognize who you are, and therefore, didn't approach you. That was my experience this year. I remember my elder sister Queen Shamika said one time, that as she travels to different ciphers and an Earth is supposed to pick her up from the airport, she looks for someone that looks like an Earth, someone who she can recognize that cee's the same way she does. This was a hard lesson for me to learn, but I got it.

All in all, I had a great time, learned a lot and was delighted to be amongst my brothers and sisters in the science. Until next year...



  • At 9:31 PM, Blogger Divine IZ Earth said…

    Peace Earth! True indeed, Show and Prove was a wonderful experience...I agree with your 3 on wearing our cultures; our outer appearance is a mighty reflection of how we see ourselves in the universe.



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