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Thursday, June 01, 2006


The Black man is God
The woman is the Earth
You know the foundation
We put knowledge first
So think before you speak
And think before you act
Collect the info so you can move off facts
This cipher is divine
We don't fuck with swine
Get drunk off the rhyme like some old moonshine
The babies are the greatest
The stars shine bright
The moon is here to guide you in the dark
reflect light
And I bring forth life
Brain food from the wise
I Medina not tame
I'm just civilized
No God in the sky
That's a poisonous lie
Like the Santa Claus story that you heard when you were five
That's a pin in ya head
To keep you mentally dead
You gotta see ya own divinity instead
Supreme Mathematics is the science of life
You'll find all the answers if you research right
Nothing here is created or destroyed
Just changes form
Like a seed in the womb
To a baby bein' born
And that's knowledge to born
Beginning to end
And then you teach the truth to a thing, place or person
Sun, Moon and Stars
Man, woman, child
My words transmit like water from the Nile
Word sound power
It's your final hour
The Gods stimulate matter with sunshowers
The name is I Medina
Defender of God
The land of understandin'
Spittin' fire like canons...

That was my first mathematical rhyme. That sums up where I'm comin' from in a plain and simple fashion, so if you didn't know, now you do :-)



  • At 5:56 AM, Blogger Black Divinity said…

    That's peace I Medina! I frequent your site, and learn a lot from your point of view.


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