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Thursday, June 29, 2006


Peace! Today's mathematics is wisdom born all being born to knowledge knowledge, being born to wisdom. When making your word bond and giving your life before your word shall fail (11:14), I think of staying true to your convictions, and living and dying for them if necessary. Three sisters from the Dominican Republic lived and died by this code: Minerva, Maria Teresa, and Patricia Mirabal, collectively known as The Butterflies. The Mirabal sisters, who were all married with children, lived during the time of Rafael Trujillo's regime (1930s-1961), which turned into a dictatorship of political and economic turmoil. The Mirabal sisters opposed and worked to end the regime by joining an organization called the Movement of the Fourteenth of June, and within that group, their underground code names were Las Mariposas (The Butterflies). Throughout their fight, they were incarcerated and tortured many times. On November 25, 1960, they were led to a sugar cane field where they were beaten and strangled to death, by the order of Rafael Trujillo. The murder of the Mirabal sisters backfired on Trujillo, causing resistance and public outcry toward his regime, bringing national attention to the atrocities that occurred. In 1961, Trujillo was assassinated, and to this day, Novemebr 25 is considered the International Day Against Violence Against Women in memory of the Mirabal sisters, and many women around the world who have undergone violent experiences.

We have all heard famous quotes, such as "If you stand for nothing you will fall for anything," and the Mirabal sisters are but one example of many sisters and brothers who made the ultimate sacrifice for making their word bond and standing so firmly upon their principles, that they were willing to die. Many brothers and sisters fought, were stabbed, defended, sacrificed years, and were imprisoned for not compromising the way of life of the Nation of Gods and Earths. Allah, the Father, spent time in Mattewan and Bellevue for seeing the divinity within himself and standing by the proclamation that he was indeed, true and living God. To stand by what you cee as right and exact is the road less traveled and it ain't always paved with gold and can be more work than fun at times. So as we all continue to live our lives, whoever you may be, whatever you may "believe,"carrying the weight of what you advocate, remember the seriousness of your principles and know that there may be a time when what you advocate is challenged, and in that moment of truth, you will really know if you are who you say you are.

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