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Thursday, January 10, 2008



"8:10 How much useful land is used by the colored man? The colored man uses 6 million square miles." To build is to construct or add on. Destroy is to break down or deconstruct or take away. Build/ destroy is part of the cycle of life. Oftentimes when constructing a building, it is usually not on top of an existing structure. If something else is present, that gets knocked down and somethng else is built on the surface. Just like the area where there is a Whole Foods, Borders, Wine and Spirits and Walgreens in a neighborhood called East Liberty in Pittsburgh...I heard it was once a car wash (this was before I moved here). These changes have brought "new" additions to the area, namely, all the colored folk from Shadyside and Friendship. East Liberty used to be known for it's Black businesses. Within the last year, they knocked down some projects, causing displacement. They had a determined idea to change the makeup of the build in their best interest, so they destroyed to produce a clear palet, and built what they wanted to see to bring about their world manifest. And nobody stopped them. It's as if that car wash never existed. In 5-10 years, that whole neighborhood will look entirely different. And the catch 22 is that there aren't a lot of semi-healthy or healthy food options in Pittsburgh. There aren't a lot of bookstores. So what do ya do if you don't wanna go to Giant go to Whole Foods (or the East End Food Co-Op across town which I frequent more since it's right across the street from my apartment). Just one of the many examples of gentrification.

Unfortunately, when looking at the colored man's (distorted from original) history, in order to build his civilization, his world manifest, he has destroyed, through countless invasions, colonialism, and imperialism. In his world, from his perspective, he sees himself as a builder and sustainer and maintainer of what he sees as equality for his family, for his interests, for his people. All that is destroyed are necessary casualties. So to him, he is doing what he has to do and letting the chips fall. What may be equality for him introduces limitation to those who are negatively impacted by his quest for world domination. He makes use out of the land he uses in order to benefit himself.

In relation to myself specifically, throughout this process of getting knowledge of self, doing a self-analysis along the way (and that's an ongoing process), I had to identify the useful land that I had that was being used by the colored man through my way of thinking, the things I would respond to, what motivated me, subconsciously. The colored man was able to benefit from my lack of knowledge of self through for instance eating the wrong mental and physical foods and my decision making based on that...the clothes I would buy, the food I would eat, all starting with thoughts I had as responses to my environment or what was programmed through resent my features, to want to look like those colored women on Miss America Pageants and videos. So getting the knowledge of self, I realized all of the negative thinking that had been built up over time. Those thoughts were like a fine mist, undetectable to my physical eye, but very present, motivating me to do things, without questioning or knowing the origin. I could not detect those thoughts and the origin until I went through the process of getting knowledge of self. Then I had to destroy those thoughts (develop mental mechanisms to consistenly break them down), and build a mind-state full of the right mental foods, and hence, doing the right thing (knowledge and wisdom). Like 3/4ths for instance...I could not fully embrace that until I got to the bottom of why I dressed the way I used to dress (on some revolutionary but sexy shit), otherwise, it would have just been an act. So now, in the space that was limitation, based on rules and regulations that were not ultimately beneficial for me, there is now equality, balance, peace and homeostasis based on the law of Allah's Mathematics. PeaceI Medina Peaceful Earth


  • At 10:00 AM, Blogger Whisper said…

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  • At 10:02 AM, Blogger Whisper said…

    It is nice to get a personal assessment of other parts of the country as well as a inside look into someone's soul. I agree in so many ways. When you have the time, please look at my website and blogs.

  • At 3:36 AM, Blogger Brother OMi said…

    i been to pittsburgh. i enjoyed the city. we are thinking of moving there. but pittsburgh, like other major cities across the country, is going through the same gentrification and suburban sprawl that other cities are going through. my question is, what will happen to the folks who have been pushed out?


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