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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Today’s Mathematics and Degree Day Thoughts

Peace! Today's mathematics is understanding knowledge....the day before my wisdom born (29th) degree day (or some may say birthday). This day I'm realizing the importance of not only comprehending what you know, but also seeing that when you have an idea or goal, sometimes we may not always fully comprehend what achieving that goal entails. You might say, "I'm gonna lift this table" and then when you try it, you realize, "Damn, that's a heavy load to carry!" But it still has to be moved right? You may think something is easy, or you can work on it here and there, but as you travel through that process, you realize the endeavor is more than what you thought it was and it will take more input to get the outcomes or fruit you want. In order to get to the finish line of that original idea, consistency (culture) is imperative. I can't half ass it. The understanding knowledge degree in the 1-36 says "Then what happened?" I have to think of this degree every day, every moment, because you are constantly creating, shifting, molding the reality that you want to see born for yourself and every moment, every second, is an opportunity to put energy in motion towards that goal. And when we ask that question, there are so many ciphers to consider...your own life, your family, your community, your nation. Our position in the universe as the Earth is based on what we sustain, maintain, and produce, and must always keep in mind the weight we carry and the speed at which we travel...and we must continue to do what we do for a common cause, a purpose. I've been through the cipher of doing and being busy, working, thinking I was building, but at the end of the day, nothing was produced. Can't lose time on that anymore.

This degree day is very important for me. With wisdom born, I'm looking at the completion of several tasks that I have put in motion but have not completed. So I'm giving myself this year to be successful in ALL my undertakings (29:40). If I don't complete it, I'm lettin' it go, cuz it will be obvious that I didn't truly want to do it. When you want to do something, if you are capable, you do it, plain and simple. Anything else is an excuse.

A very important part of that degree (29:40) is that one word in the question ("Why was Yacub successful in all his undertakings?)...ALL. Not some, not one, not a couple, but ALL. If I plan to be successful in ALL my undertakings, then I have to deal with them equally. I have to enforce the same laws on each and every goal. They may not get the same amount of time, but I have to give them all what they need to be realized. So going into this degree day, instead of being weary of being close to exiting my wisdom ciphers (20s), I'm focused on this year borning some ciphers complete and allowing what I bring into fruition to be the springboard for other endeavors. A person knowledges the knowledge of the Earth due to how I manifest it (abbt wisdom) in my own life. I gotta continue to make it work for me so others can see the utility in making it work for them. Rotation rotation rotation!

I Medina Peaceful Earth


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