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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Today's mathematics is wisdom born all being born to knowledge knowledge. The wisdom born degree in the 1 to 40 asks "Why was Yacub successful in all his undertakings?" So wisdom born in this regard indicates that through a series of activities; through a process, things were born complete because the question is asking one to evaluate an end product. By evaluating your success (sometimes we only evaluate our failures) you are able to analyze all of your steps, especially the foundation and knowledge it took to start the process. So when completing something, it is important to debrief, cuz others will look at you and your success and will want to know how you did it. Why? Because people want to be successful and a lot of folks don't know where to start. They were not given the tools. So they will look to wise men and women to show them the way (i.e mentors). But people often times have to see your success before they truly knowledge your knowledge. Why? Cuz for all the mystery shit that a lot of folks "believe" in, when it comes to adopting a method or practice, even if it's seemingly beneficial, they usually will not take it on face value. Everything is subject to analysis, and when you do something good, there is usually someone waiting in the wings to discredit you by knowledging your knowledge. What are some of the laws of success? Not to big up my own way of life, but I would say that Supreme Mathematics offers you a blueprint for success. They are steps in a process, where if followed properly, you will achieve your desired result. Analysis is required at each step.

1=Knowledge (the idea, conception, start, foundation)
2=Wisdom ( physical activity to reinforce the idea. Communicating your idea to others. Working with the knowledge you have to see if your idea will bear fruit
3=Understanding (the clear picture that results from the activities. You now know for sure what direction you need to go in. This is the fruit born from testing your idea)
4=Culture (Now that you know what to do, you have to have consistent activities that will further your idea
5=Power (Your ability to effect and change your environment through the work you put in over time. Now you will start seeing if you and your idea hold any weight i.e. are people responsive to what you're doing? Is it having a positive or negative effect?
6=Equality (What does your power produce? What is your idea and related activities contributing? Does it matter? Are you filling a void/ something needed that provides a level of balance
7=God (alright, things are moving smoothly in an orderly fashion based on a system that is mathematically correct
8=Build/ Destroy (what do you need to add on to what you're doing to make it better? What do you need to take away? Do you want to expand your venture? Do you need to fall back a little?9=Born (you have brought your idea into existence in a way that is full and complete. You've opened up the store, or you've had the baby, or you got that tax return back after going through the labor of meeting with a specialist)
10= Knowledge Cipher (now that you have accomplished your goal, what you have produced becomes knowledge for other people, places and example to study, good or bad. You may also want to expand and add a cipher (add another store, develop a chain, expose more people to your ideas.

"Because the people who were his followers followed Yacub's law. Regardless of what he told them to do they did it, if not, they paid the price with their lives for every law that they broke..."

For one to accomplish goals, 9 times out of ten, you need other people to buy in to your vision and work with you. You need soldiers and lieutenants if you are the captain. There will be times when it's appropriate to question those in authority, and times when you have to do as your told and know that said authority is leading all in the right direction. I know this aspect is hard for me sometimes. I seek the understanding before wisdom sometimes (knowing what and why I am doing something, having a clear picture of what it all means, when at times, I may be required to just do it, and ask questions later). I didn't grow up with a sort of hierarchical structure so it's an adjustment for me. If you break a law and don't get things right, the consequence could be death, depending on the situation, or death in the sense of being ejected from the cipher.

"Yacub did not build prison houses for his people that fell victim to the law. Instead the penalty was death and was enforced on each and every one that fell victim."

There is no need to keep someone locked up in a space that they don't want to be in or have them held captive to a role that they cannot perform. They may not be the said person of that ability. May as well let them go, cuz they'll be less of a danger out of the cipher, then to stick around and continually throw things off balance. Enforcing this on each and every one that fell victim means that this is a constant. It is a consistent law applied to the cipher. Nobody recieves special treatment regarding this. The decision that you make can't be led by your emotions. Everyone is dealt with equally.

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