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Monday, April 09, 2007


Today's mathematics is born. Born is completion, to bring a reality into existence. Bringing a reality into existence might sound like some far off utopic idea, but what does that entail really? How do you make this real? To bring something into existence, just like a baby being born is a process. When something is complete, it has all the necessary parts to function and it has gone through a process of validation through checks and balances within our mathematical process(taking things properly from knowledge to born). This reality I see, is having what you need to do what you gotta do; to have the resources and ability to produce something valuable for self, those around you, and generations to come. When people in our nation don't have enough money to feed their children, struggling with education, food clothing, shelter, and the other 9 jewels we have, the new reality is ensuring that we have those things we need to have a productive nation. That's the revelation to me.

After getting the knoweldge of self, your reality should change in some form or fashion. Why? Because throughout this process, you are changing parts of your life. You're taking in new information, eliminating the wrong foods, eating the right foods, changing your way of speaking and how you dress. So on a personal note, the reality that you first bring into existence is the change that takes place within you, which thereby affects all that is within your circumference (the people, places and things that you interact with and effect, which also effects you), which effects and changes the reality you live in.

That's how we know everything starts with self. A new reality ain't like some sci-fi movie where people are flying, surviving off air alone, and everyone walks around in metallic latex suits. It's a lot more simple and feasible than that. When you change, the people, places and things around you change, hence, a "new reality." You may not associate with the same people, or your interaction with them changes. You learn new things. Your behavior changes. From this, you gain new experiences, and a new life to a degree. There are probably a lot of people who have been in this nation 10-15 years and are different than they were 10-15 years ago, even if the essence of the person is the same (i.e. if a person was aggressive before KOS, most likely they will be after; if someone has a peaceful calm demanor before, that most likely won't change; if a person is abusive before, they may be after). Getting knowledge of self has saved a lot of people's lives and when you see them today, you may not fathom who they were pre-knowledge of self. Everyone has a story.

All things are made born eventually. As I'm taught, something can be born dead or alive. So if you take an idea to fruition, and the fruit that is beared is successful, it's born alive. Lack of success..born dead. But knowledge is added to the cipher (the next step...10) cuz you learned something from that experince so you know what to do and what not to do next time.

Today's degree in the alphabet is I. I see "I" as self-realization. The "I" is ownership and accountability. The "I" is a magnet for whatever comes after it. So my name being "I Medina Peaceful Earth," means that I am bonded to those qualities that are in my name. If I say "I am happy," then I am bonded to that idea and activities that make up that idea. So when you say "I..." that is powerful, because you are attaching your being to whatever words and activities that come after that I. Those ideas and activities become what defines you. So make sure to attach that "I" to words of honesty, truth and positivity, cuz whatever comes after that "I " is an affirmation of who and what you are.

May the P.ower and E.quality of A.llah C.enter the E.arths (PEACE!)


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