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Monday, January 29, 2007


Peace to you and yours on this day of wisdom born all being born to knowledge knowledge,all being born to wisdom. A few months ago I took a productive trip to D.C. As I'm doing the knowledge to the area, gettin a taste of what the people do and how they get down, my God pops in a C.D. Now, one thing that D.C is known for is go go. Truthfully, I have never been in to too much go go. It's cool if I'm at a party with a band and I'm dancin the night away, but you wouldn't find it in my C.D. collection. On the flip, one thing D.C. is not known for is rappers. But one talented emcee, Wale' is attempting to change all that. Mix together, Lil Wayne's cadence, D.C. swagger, and a little bit of go go, and you get in my humble opinion, a very talented emcee who may be relatively unknown outside of the D.C. area. He raps his ass off, has a lot of personality, and reps his area well. My favorite track happens to be "One Thing About a Playa," a song with an infectious hook, successfully interweaving hip hop and go go. Check out his myspace page at AND you can download his entire album for free at


I Medina

P.S. I finally got with the program and put up a myspace page (Angeleye/ I Medina), complete with a few songs I rhyme on. Check me out and let me know what you think!


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