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Thursday, January 04, 2007


Peace to All! I build that everyone is positive, productive and peaceful on this day of culture. Pittsburgh, PA is having its first Pittsburgh Hip Hop Awards and I am nominated as a finalist for Best Female Artist (under the name Angel Eye), and the crew I rhyme with, RXC/Classic 1824, is being nominated for Most Inspirational Artist (we don't preach to the choir, we teach to inspire!- I Majestic). It would be great if you could support us and go to, go to the vote section, and put in your bid for "Angel Eye" for Best Female Artist and RXC/ Classic1824 for Most Inspirational Artist. It's really quick and takes about 3 minutes! Voting ends Jan 12 and the awards are on Jan 14 so vote and spread the word! If you want to hear a sample of our music, go to or I'm unsure about the out of city/state voting stipulations (didn't see anything on the web-site that said you can't) so if you don't live in Pittsburgh, give it a shot anyway! Thanks to all who nominated us!

Peace and Love

I Medina (Angel Eye)


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