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Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Peace. Today's mathematics is wisdom cipher all being born to wisdom. Today, I am focusing on my conduct, in making the best decisions in all ciphers I am in. One thing I realized was that you are always related to a cipher, being a person, place or thing, or environment. Even if you are just with yourrself, you are in the cipher of whatever space you are in. A cipher is continuous and constant. It does not stop. It is something that will always be. Even if throughout life, your cipher changes, you are always related to one. That concept is ever present and is always with you. So what is my relationship to all of my ciphers as the Black woman. What role do I play? Do I lead? Do I follow? Do I build? Do I destroy? Am I powerful? Am I learning and doing the knowledge? Am I civilized and do I civilize? Am I a strong carrier of culture and information to all those I encounter?

I know that I am many things in several ciphers and I have to always be aware of how I conduct myself, because I am always serving as an example for others (whether I want to be or not). People who you don't know exist are watching you, so I have to do and act in a way where I am comfortable with what is presented about me. This does not mean that you have to conform to other people's standards, just make sure that you are consistently living by your own, and people see and recognize that consistency through whatever wisdom they see in you. I use wisdom, cuz a lot of people don't see you everyday to be able to knowledge your culture (although you're always a representative of your culture). They may see you walking down the street, sitting at a restaurant, at the club, on a children's outing, etc. and they formulate their judgements based on the act of wisdom they see. We know our wisdom is the individual acts that compose our culture, but other folks don't know that. Act as if the whole world is watching, cuz how you would act if the world is your stage should be the same as if a couple dozen people are your stage. Those people use their wisdom to inform others about you, so people know of you who you don't know.

Today's degree in the alphabet is truth or square.

truth (trūth)
n., pl. truths (trūTHz, trūths).

Conformity to fact or actuality.
A statement proven to be or accepted as true.
Sincerity; integrity.
Fidelity to an original or standard.

Reality; actuality.
often Truth That which is considered to be the supreme reality and to have the ultimate meaning and value of existence.
fact (făkt)

Knowledge or information based on real occurrences: an account based on fact; a blur of fact and fancy.

Something demonstrated to exist or known to have existed: Genetic engineering is now a fact. That Chaucer was a real person is an undisputed fact.
A real occurrence; an event: had to prove the facts of the case.
Something believed to be true or real: a document laced with mistaken facts.
A thing that has been done, especially a crime: an accessory before the fact.
Law. The aspect of a case at law comprising events determined by evidence: The jury made a finding of fact.

So I see a fact as information, and I see truth as the reality that makes the information real and relevant based on it being shown and proven. For example, the statement, Medina was born in 1978 is a possible fact, but there is a process of research and verification to demonstrate whether the statement is true or not. When using the example of a person telling the truth, your're looking at them verifying what the facts are through their statements. When a person says, "I will be true to myself," I see that to mean a person's wisdom, (and culture if done on a consistent basis) will be in accordance with who they know themselves to be...the conduct that is most familiar or comfortable to them. That does not mean that their conduct is right and exact or righteous (although that is somewhat relative).

I see square as the standard of conduct that I as the Earth live according to and within. Although the Earth is a cipher, and a square has four sides (therefore, I am not the square), I thought of the phrase "four corners of the planet." Within a circle, when starting from the center, you can move in four directions... North, South East or West...up, down, left or right. Today, I was thinking of my four corners being Supreme Mathematics, Supreme Alphabet, Nation History and Flag, and 120 degrees. So whatever direction I travel, I will always come to an aspect of our way of life. That is what I am accountable to and that is my armor or shield of protection from negativity. So when a person tries to enter my cipher, at all corners, at all directions, this is what they see and experience, and if they come with unrighteous intent, they will not be able to penetrate these walls. By using mathematics and integrating it into my circumference, I am able to discern who should be amongst me and who should not.

20:40 q) What is the prescribed law of Islam to a said person of that ability?

a) That the civilized is held responsible for the uncivilized, and must be punished by the Nation of Islam.

So in this degree, we know that it has already been established that if you are a said person of that ability, or a person capable of civilizing others, it is your responsibility to do so, or you will be punished (i.e. 19:40). We will be punished by what the world will we be because we did not do all that we could to make it better by teaching and being a walking expression of civilization to others in every cipher that we are in. If you are not a said person of that ability, then you cannot be held accountable, however, the next step is to draw up how you can become a said person of that ability (i.e. teaching techniques, gaining more knowledge, strengthening your foundation, mentoring, etc.). If you haven't yet knowledged 120, how can you still make a positive impact on others? This is what will bring about peace or submission (acceptance) to our way of life.


I Medina Peaceful Earth


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