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Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Peace! First and foremost, I want to thank the Gods and Earths in Philly for hosting a beautiful Family Day. The Sun, Moon, and Stars (men, women, and children) were in full effect! Good food, good music, water ices, pictures, family...what more could you ask for in an event at the park (besides sanitary bathrooms...I know that wasn't on ya'll :-)! It's good to see people see us doin "regular things."(doin the knowledge to our cipher) Yeah, we barbecue, eat fish, jump around in those blow up play areas, play b-ball, blast our music, take flicks, do the two step, eat water ices and capri suns and chill shit too. Just like my God says in one of his rhymes, "I'm just like you, I happen to know a little more." We are not some mystical underground cult, so as R. Kelly, the perverted musical genius so eloquently stated in the "Make it Rain" remix..."DON'T GET IT TWISTED!!!!!!"

Well, Philly's an interesting place. It's very different for me. Coming from Cali, I'm used to a certain level of space, trees, blue skies, beaches. In Philly, it's crowded, and kind of gray, soulful, and more of a fast paced hustle. I can dig it! I learn new things every time I visit. This time around, I saw a few things that I had never seen before that cracked me the hell up. This may only be funny to me cuz I've never seen it so bear with me...

1) I saw a billboard that said, "Don't get it are a child of God." Don't get it twisted?! I guess somebody was tryin to appeal to the "Hip Hop generation" maybe?

2) Black kids trotting down the street on horses. I was absolutely shocked! The landscape and the horses just didn't match. Not to mention somebody walkin their horse down crowded dirty ass 52nd street (no offense Philadelphians...I get great salmon nuggets, Muslim fish hoagies and shea butter down there too:-)

3) Muslimas in all Black just chillin at Fairmount if sistas in all Black don't do regular things like go to the park and least in Philly anyway.

4) The children have virtually no fear! They will ride one of them bikes or four wheelers in four lane traffic, comin towards, you, only to turn around 5 inches from your whip!

I respect the culture of Philly. There's a lot goin on, and you definitely gotta stay on your toes. Don't get caught slippin!

With that said......

Today's mathematics is knowledge cipher, all being born to knowledge. This morning, I was reflecting on the importance of honesty with oneself, in relationships (any relationship...god, Earth, friend, father, mother, self, etc). Sometimes we are still looking for that mystery God or earth, or loved one or thing and we don't even know it! It's like bein with somebody, and expecting them to live out certain qualities based on your experience, b.u.t., you fail to see that those qualities are not present in the person you're with. So doing the knowledge to the cipher means being aware of who and what is around you AND within you, that said person's abilities, strengths and limitations or challenges.

If a sista for example, ain't been cookin' all her life, and just cuz she calls herself the Earth now doesn't mean she'll be a culinary chef in 3 weeks! Or on the flip, expecting for a God to be your everything, fulfilling 100 different roles rolled up into one person, relying upon the God for all of your stimulation and entertainment. The God is the foundation, the source of light in this way of life and ya'll set up how that is supposed to play out in real time, day to day interactions. However, it's also important to have time with yourself for self-development and processing, time with your sister-Earths, time with some young people, developing your skills. And when you take time to do this, the equality you bring to the relationship will be that much greater.

Throughout my process of getting knowledge of self, I also had to do the knowledge to my cipher...everything that is encompassed within me. This degree in mathematics was very important to me cuz it allowed me to take personal inventory myself, in the dark, when nobody else was around... my "self work," if you will. Mathematics helps you get to the origin of all things, most importantly, why you are the way you are. I'm not using mathematics to its' fullest capabilities if I don't do this. What is the danger in not doing this? If I don't get to the origin of where my ideas come from, where my feelings come from, where my thoughts come from, then I will act based upon an idea that I am not aware of! Or I will react to something that happens and my reaction will be based upon previous experiences, my emotions, or information that is not right and exact.

All information is not knowledge, cuz in this culture, knowledge serves as a platform for you to act that is contextually relevant to the natural order of all things. Peep game... if I grew up watching TV all my life, or consistently bore witness to unhealthy relationships, that information that I am taking in is going to impact me. However once we choose ourselves, then we have to make the conscious decision to move off of info. that has been qualified, quantified and that takes us determining whether it is of value enough to integrate it into our way of life. For instance, I may have watched Charm School, but I know that the info. presented is not knowledge (although there were a couple redeeming qualities about the show, but I won't get into that right now :-)

Our relationships are supposed to be based in mathematics (the natural order of the universe) b.u.t., when you have been without mathematics for the first 20-25 years of your life, you may not always be operating off of mathematics just cuz you got the student enrollment down or even if you knowledge 120! Reshaping your thought process takes time...the amount, depends on the person and the pressure you put on oneself to change. It's almost like re-programming yourself. So I might have more pregnant pauses in conversations cuz I sometimes have to say to myself, "Hold up, don't say that Earth. That ain't right and exact. That's some otha shit from way back". Or I may truly want to be honest with a person if they ask me a question. The events of our childhood, our formative years effect us. We can be 30 years old and react to situations based on somethng that happened when we were 9 years old. Shoot, I remember when I was 13, and I went out on a limb and approached a dude. He said, "I'm cool," and ever since then, I have not approached a dude for fear of being rejected. That was like 15 years ago!

So if one doesn't take the time to truly know themselves, the relationship with whom or what is based on wisdom...your emotional attachment to it, and because feelings change, that can bring about a lack of stability. This don't mean you gotta be a robot! You can still have fun, meaningful interactions with people b.u.t., it is a challenge to strive to rise to for mathematics to consistently be the ruling principle in all of the decisions we make. Otherwise, don't let the ensuing chaos and confusion surprise you.

Even in one's physical family for example. A person may look for the qualities in a father that are just not present, and due to this dynamic, this can shape and mold your interactions with men for life! For example, I would have liked for me and my physical father to have had more of an emotional connection. More father-daughter talks, more time with him. B.u.t. growing up and doing the knowledge to him, I learned that due to his family history and the Vietnam War, he was a little more detached emotionally. So I had expectations of a father that he couldn't deliver. And no matter how much I may have felt I could have benefitted from it, I accepted that he couldn't give me what he didn't have! So, I forgave him, and now, I love and appreciate him for all the things he was able to give me...even the challenges that ensued from all the things he didn't give me, cuz I grew from it. Love is the highest form of understanding, which is seeing something or someone AS THEY ARE, not as they present themselves to be or how YOU WANT them to be. Knowing that, loving someone and maintaining that love long term isn't so easy and it ain't always fun.

So whether you're in my culture or not, be aware of who and what is around you, know their purpose, be mindful of your expectations, and most of all, take the time to go to the root of you. Otherwise, you'll be living life, discouraged, confused and frustrated asking yourself, "Who's world is this," or "What world am I in," and you won't be able to give yourself an answer you're satisfied with.

P.ractice E.valuation A.nd C.onsistent E.levation (PEACE!)

I Medina Peaceful Earth


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