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Monday, December 17, 2007



5:10 What is the area in square miles of the planet Earth?196,940,000 square miles. Power is one's ability to effect and change your environment by putting in work over time...and influence. The planet Earth is the home of Islam (1:40) or Allah's Mathematics...depending on how you cee it. It is an environment where various things take place and are produced. I cee power in a few ways relating to the Earth...

1)Power is one's ability to assert their influence on the planet which brings about a positive change. For this, I look at how the Black man and myself has put in work over time to make me who I am today. For myself, it means having the internal strength, discipline, and value of myself to embrace this way of life to go in the right direction of being the Earth. It means my will to do what is right is more powerful than any temptation the dead world can bring me, because throughout this process, I have been strengthened and fortified and can see through what the Devil (and I ain't talkin bout some red guy with horns folks) tries to give me (which is nothing, masked in an illusion of pleasure, glory, more gold and greatness). I was not always the Earth (and some may disagree saying this is who I always was, I just knew it not...I'm saying that I did not have this knowledge and therefore did not conduct myself in the way that the Earth should in this culture). But going through this process, it shows me the greatness and effectiveness of Allah's Mathematics, which powered me to save myself. Through this power, I saw the equality and honor in being the Earth.

196,940,000...So through the knowledge (1) that was revealed (9) to me I saw the equality and benefit of what I could bring to the table as the Earth (6) by allowing the teachings to be born (9) inside of me so that I could be a proper manifestation of this culture (4) through my daily walk and talk and represent that in my family (one cipher-0), community (another cipher-0), home (another cipher-0) and amongst my peers (another cipher-0).

2) Power is one's ability to assert their influence on the planet (which is where many battles have taken place) which brings about negativity . This is the other side of the game. Different groups throughout time have acquired land on the planet Earth as a means to build their world manifest and conquer and control others. People have and still are dying on this planet as a result. This process took power from that 4 billion 400 million (population of the original nation-3:10). Many corporations use the land to produce products that pillage the Earths' resources (many are not in unlimited supply) to cake up and assert their economic and political dominance over others, many of whom have been original people. Look at sweatshops and the IMF World Bank and the debt so many countries are in due to this pillaging because "he desires to make slaves out of all he can so he can rob them and live in luxury (12:40)."

Hence the importance of that question in the knowledge degree in the 1-14 (Why isn't the Devil settled on the best part of the planet Earth). Because the Black woman is the way (2) in which the seed is planted so that Nations can be produced (the bridge to understanding), as Black women who are wise and have discernment (proper decision making abilities based on the knowledge we have (196,940,000 abbt wisdom) we have to make sure that our land and resources are not to be used for the benefit of those with devilish intentions. For example, a pimp may see a Black woman's limitations and exploit them for his benefit, using his wisdom and power to destroy her and build up his resources so he can born the reality that he sees for himself. Those intentions can have no home with us and cannot be settled on our planet. Our useful land used by the original man borns power (5:10)...power for who? For our families, for our Nation (as families are the building blocks of Nations), for that 4 billion 400 million. To do this, we have to take the land back (5:14), which for the Black woman starts with the ideas that determine our mindstate and activity. That's what I had to do to become Earth and the Black man with the knowledge of himself (all praises due!) has guided me through this process.

As the only life borning planet in the Solar System, that is a heavy know that from you, comes life, and whatever is put into that life through tilling the land, and fortifying the soil, will determine how that life will exist and what that life will produce. What can make the difference is how we knowledge knowledge and our tangible manifestation of that. We have to know that the information that we have qualified and disqualified is beneficial to be incoprorated into our foundation to act from. We have to know who the Black man is and have a proper undertanding of what he teaches us so that what we do and how we move will be firmly rooted in the knowledge we have been given.

3) That the Earth in herself is powerful in how she applies herself and all that she effects! Look at all we can do. Look at all that the planet does. Look at what our interaction with the currents of the atmosphere can create! Wonderous sites, all kinds of ecosystems and livng things. So if I could sum up that 196,940,000 in two words, I would say vastness and glorious. Oceans, land, hills, mountains, treacherous terrain, and land and water that feeds all that exist. We supply the world with food and sustenance. Isn't it crazy how there is some sort of edible food for every species to live? That is nature (Mathematics taking place on the planet). So as a person who builds with children daily (as is our duty to teach the babies), I take the prescribed law of Islam seriously, especially being the Earth, cuz now I know what it is! I know the weight I carry and the effect that my decision making or wise words can have on a young life, and I'm still learning and growing with this. Do I always get it right 100% of the time? No. But that's when the Earth steps in to correct herself, to do better next time.

Knowing all this, why would I want to be anything else but the Earth?! Striving to live all this out, I am not oppressed...I am EMPOWERED! It's up to us to explore every square mile so that we know all of our potential and all that we can produce. We know that the "original Black man is God and owner of the planet Earth and knows every square inch," so in my experience, the original Black man who is God came to me and saw the potential in me to be made into the planet Earth. He saw something I didn't know I possessed cuz he knows every square inch. Now, I'm exploring my own self. Now I have to tap into all aspects of myself that produce ripe fruit and put it in activation and whatever remnants that have the potential to produce rotten fruit, has to be destroyed.

May the P.ower and E.quality of A.llah C.enter the E.arths (PEACE!)


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